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26717, thank you
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-24-00 08:03 PM
i just wanna ahow love to all of y'all out there. i thank you from the bottom of my heart. i can't wait to see you on tour<P>much love.<P><BR>"you wondered how come the album was late, i was giving you time to get the last one straight"<BR>-rakim, 1988
26718, AW MAN
Posted by bonamie, Mon Jan-24-00 09:00 PM
<BR>> "you wondered how come the album <BR>>was late, i was giving you <BR>>time to get the last one <BR>>straight" -rakim, 1988 <P>NOW that's a quote for ur AZZ- LOL.....<BR>It is worth the wait, see "Africa", "Spanish Joint", and "Send It On" for prooooof!!! <P><BR>---------------------<BR>"You know what that's about? They just hate me cuz they ain't me."- Busta ("Higher Learning") <P>"Man, Tia, girl please stop paging me. Faye is my wifey- I mean she's the ish. She's witty, funny, kind, and got-dayum she's a BRICKHOUSE STAL-LION. Even atruhead said so."- Ronnie DeVoe<P><BR>"May your life speak as loudly as your words"<BR><a href="http://home.talkcity.com/reflectionsrd/bonamie" target="_blank">http://home.talkcity.com/reflectionsrd/bonamie<;/a><P>When u have read all posts....<BR><a href="http://www.BlackPlanet.com/Referrals/bonamie" target="_blank">http://www.BlackPlanet.com/Referrals/bonamie<;/a>/<BR>
26719, Dang D'...
Posted by UrbanCowgRRL, Tue Jan-25-00 08:04 AM
Amazing..beautiful...nothing else to say really...but yous a popular man, cause dayum..this site is hella slow today...haven't put the cd down since 12:05 am:)<P><BR>peace<BR>Kyle
26720, D'angelo's thanku
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-09-00 08:32 AM
I would just like 2 say thank u for making such beautiful music and I luv u with your clothes on.peace and bless. katt!
26721, Nah, man, THANK YOU...
Posted by Improv, Mon Jan-24-00 09:10 PM
...for making such music that's gonna put folks on their toes. You're putting heart and soul back into this R&B game. Keep striving.<P>Now if I can find the person that jacked my Brown Sugar CD so I can listen to Jonez In My Bonez, I would be a happy man...<P>Oh yeah, no more naked videos without naked chicks <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"> (half playing lol)<BR>Ok enuff of being fanboy <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P>Uno<BR>Improv!?<P>"(Shyne) was disrespectful so we had to beat his ass. He's one of them niggas that will speak to you when nobody's around and then act big on you later. So we laid his ass out."---Lil Cease...A Leo <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/wink.gif">
26722, notice.......
Posted by Quez, Mon Jan-24-00 11:03 PM
Why doesnt that (OK) symbol appear next to D's handle, just wondering....<P>Sheldon Mar"Quez" Rankin<BR><a href="http://www.sheldon.bored.org" target="_blank">http://www.sheldon.bored.org<;/a><P>"oh lawd Quez is here, okayplayer will never be the same" ---- some wise man<P>"The truth is, my crew is, the smoothest spitters of saliva juices like The Roots is, More Organic than acoustics" ---- Talib Kweli<BR>
26723, confirmation: it's the man himself.
Posted by qoolquest, Tue Jan-25-00 04:44 AM
<BR>YES Y'ALL. IT WAS HARD BUT I GOT HIM TO POST.<P><P><P><P><P><BR>THE SOULQUARIANS<BR>chewy (quest).....jan<BR>luke (d)........feb <BR>lando (jaydee)......feb<BR>cp30 (james poyser).....jan<BR>r2d2 (jazzy jeff)......jan<BR>hans (chaos)........jan<BR>anakin (lil mike)......feb<P>honorary members:<BR>kelo- soulacorn.......jan<BR>common- soulcies......march<BR>erykah- soulcies......feb<BR>
26724, Also...
Posted by Improv, Tue Jan-25-00 07:51 AM
If you put your mouse over the EMAIL icon, it has okayplayer.com on it...only he would have that. Now don't go flooding his email now...<P>Please it took a long time for Merces to get her OK but it's her <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P>Uno<BR>Improv!?<P>"(Shyne) was disrespectful so we had to beat his ass. He's one of them niggas that will speak to you when nobody's around and then act big on you later. So we laid his ass out."---Lil Cease...A Leo <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/wink.gif">
26725, Virgin Records Signing
Posted by guest, Wed Jan-26-00 08:35 AM
Hey, Wassup D'Angelo! <P> Thank you much for the music you bring to us. God blessed you with a gift, and here you are sharing it with us. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"> I want to thank you for the signature as well. I knew you must have been tired, signing all day. But dayum, did you see all those people there??? That was all for you luv! <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"> People showin there love for ya! Keep on doin ya thang. My bad for askin to take a pic with you, that would have started the whole line behind me off (they all would have wanted a pic with ya). The reason I wanted it... well I have a website and a section dedicated to entertainment, just wanted to throw that pic up in there. <P>Ask ya friend that manages your web-site (the one that was video taping at the Virgin Signing) if ya could view the beginning of the line there... he got me on tape sending a message out to ya. I wished there was actually time for a conversation with ya, because I'd like to know more about you, ya music is one thing, but I would like to know what kinda person you are. Well if I'm supposed to get that opportunity it will happen. 'til then... remember Ebony Unique... don't forget that name luv, I promise you... Imma make it a household name one day. When I'm up there you can be like... "Dayum, I remember Ebb when she came through for my signing of Vodoo." Ya know! hahahaha<P>Well anyway luv, take care, God Bless.... and do your thang!<P>Check out my web-site one day >> Ebony Unique Presents Indo-Soul <P><a href="http://ebonyunique.homestead.com/indosoul.html" target="_blank">http://ebonyunique.homestead.com/indosoul.html<;/a><P>lata...<BR>Ebony Unique "-)
26726, thank you from d
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-12-00 12:21 PM
much love baby--waiting to see you when you come to the STL
26727, i would much rather thank you
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-24-00 09:10 PM
i have been yearning for some good new soul music for a while and you came with it....i'm listening to the lp right now....damn man, i can totally feel what quest was telling me...whatever, just chattering...respect to the fullest.<P><BR>peas<P><BR>iNDUCE<P><BR>"I am the man enlisted to this terrain along with the analyst. I manhandle deathkiss, influence others by the cosmics..."<BR>----------the unknown element-------<P><BR>"...Don't you forget, no, youth,who you are and where you stand in the struggle."<BR> they got so much things to say!<BR>-----------robert nesta marley-------
26728, That is what we are here for...
Posted by SienaBlaze, Mon Jan-24-00 09:15 PM
Thanks for staying true to yourself despite the fact that its easier to take the Puffy route. Its refreshing to hear good quaility music.<P>Siena Blaze<P><BR>*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*<BR>THE COURAGE TO SUCCEDD<BR>"The sea is dangerous and its storms terrible, but these obstacles have<BR>never been sufficient reason to remain ashore. . .<BR>Unlike the mediocre, intrepid spirits seek victory over those<BR>things that seem impossible. . .<BR>It is with an iron will that they embark on the most daring of<BR>all endeavors. . .to meet the shadowy future without<BR>fear and conquer the unknown."<BR>Ferdinand Magellan, Explorer (c.1520)<BR>*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----*----* <P><BR>Yes Senator McCarthy I sold American secrets to the Russians...doesnt that make me a capitalist?<BR>Dennis Miller
26729, what to say........
Posted by RamXL, Mon Jan-24-00 09:16 PM
man thank you for not only this album.......but for a bright light in a dark musical landscape.........AND like my boy J says, "we aint waitin no 5 years for another one though!".....haha......it was well worth the wait..........<P>One Love<BR>RamXL<BR>(b-boy advocate)<P>"Each soul is potentially divine, the goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature: external and internal. Do this either by work, or worship, or psychic control, or philosophy -- by one, or more, or all these -- and be free." Swami Vivekanada<P><BR>"studies show that when a given norm is changed, in the face of the unchanging, the remaining contradictions will parallel the truth" Saul Williams<P><P><P><P>
26730, Thanks to you
Posted by bshelly, Mon Jan-24-00 09:33 PM
<BR>I can't sleep!! I gotta go buy it!! LOL!!<P>Seriously, thanks and congratulations. I know you'll get everything you deserve out of this one. You're in rarefied air, and it's a pleasure for the rest of us to watch you shine.<P>As for the tour, are you sure you're ready for random boisterous "OKAYPLAYER!!!!!!!!" yells cuttin' up your set? The Roots don't get off easy, neither will you... ;)<P>Bryan<P>"I believe in one love."<BR> ---Massive Attack
26731, NO,thank you....
Posted by gravity508, Mon Jan-24-00 09:33 PM
The album was WELL worth the wait....and then some..thanks for blessing us 1nce again...im sleepy so that's all i will say for now...<P>keep up the wonderful work, and love the quote..thats a good one...<P>.....and keep making those sexy videos...heck, youre sexy with clothes on..but thanks for the clothes off <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/wink.gif"><P>grav<P>Gravity508: Ummm...I don't like that done to me...<BR>EQUIPTsmith: yeah...i think after i was done w/u you would like it a LOT more<BR>Gravity508: oooh..really now<BR>EQUIPTsmith: cuz a lot of doods don't know what they're doing and plus they're just doing it as a favor they're not into it<BR>EQUIPTsmith: but me...i'm a pink taco connasseur<P><P>"Im not a special person. Im just a regular person who does special things"-Sarah Vaughn<P>Me:I really didnt need that parttime job<BR>Him: oh, cause your going to work for me at night, right?<BR>Me: Ummm..do u have benefits?<BR>Him: All my hoes have all of their teeth. That's benefits<P>
26732, On the Contrary man...
Posted by Apostle, Mon Jan-24-00 10:04 PM
you bless us with some shit we use for expression ourselves, cause some uf us aren't able to conjur up those same emotions and feelings like you in the music. You deserve a thanks...and on that note. Thank you. peace, Apostle(See ya in L.A.)<P><P>"I use microphones like Picasso used clay" Ad Rock(Beastie Boys)<P><P><BR>"Wipe your feet really good on the rhythm rug" Q-Tip<P><P><BR>"Y'all must not have heard that Tribe Called Quest shit" Jay-Z<P><P><BR>"Fuck this rap shit I'm to smart for that" Jay Dee(Slum Village)<BR>
26733, Thank You
Posted by Focus, Mon Jan-24-00 10:09 PM
Voodoo is a masterpeice. Every song makes my heart happy. Thanks.
26734, Much appreciated....
Posted by jose3030, Mon Jan-24-00 10:12 PM
<BR>For makin' males jobs easier across the world. <P>(grins).. <P>My brother-in-law that plays for the Rosarios (most popular merengue band in DR) wants to play w/ you in concert, after I let him listen to "Spanish Joint" while in the Dominican Republic. Hook it up!<P>"Sure, Philadelphia? I can be there" -- my bro in law. :) <P><P><BR><a href="http://members.xoom.com/ogando/bwphoto" target="_blank">http://members.xoom.com/ogando/bwphoto<;/a><BR>"And as a special treat this evening, I have asked America's foremost young poet, to read his latest poem for us....."
26735, you're welcome
Posted by krewcial, Tue Jan-25-00 02:42 AM
I'm about to leave to the radioshow ... there'll definitely be some D'Angelo on national radio in Belgium tonight !!!<P>take care,<BR>krewcial<BR><a href="http://urgent.rug.ac.be/vinylators" target="_blank">http://urgent.rug.ac.be/vinylators<;/a><P>'We've got to change our own minds about each other. We have to see each other with new eyes. We have to see each other as brothers and sisters. We have to come together with warmth'<BR>
26736, D, I'm loving this joint !!!
Posted by jp, Tue Jan-25-00 02:50 AM
A masterpiece indeed. I lucked up and copped this joint yesterday.......got my freak on and everything (while it played). I don't know if you were getting head during "Untitled" but I know I was. This album actually had my moms tryin' to play a theif when she came over yesterday. I must say ........... I'm feeling the entire album. Africa gave me such a strange feeling inside while I listened to it. I can't even put it into words........"Electric Relaxation" indeed.<BR>One more thing, "Can't hide love" re-make<BR>.......??!?!?!?!?!??!!?............
26737, D'
Posted by el_rey, Tue Jan-25-00 03:44 AM
You're the one WE owe thanks to! Thanks for making this planet a better place with those sweet sounds.<P>love and respect,<BR>El Rey<P>"I prefer to speak of the impossible, because we already know too much about what is possible" Silvio Rodriguez<P>"If our profanity offends you, look around you and see how destructively society is profaning itself. It is the rape of the land, the pollution of the environment, the betrayal and suffering of the masses by corrupt government that is the real obscenity." - MOVE statement<P>FREE MUMIA!<BR>www.mumia.org<P>FREE THE MOVE 9!<BR>
26738, Aw Shucks...
Posted by spacecowgirl, Tue Jan-25-00 05:00 AM
You're Welcome!!
26739, Snowstorm
Posted by jcfii, Tue Jan-25-00 05:06 AM
Check this ish out . . . after 5 long years, I've gotta wait even more because Durham is locked down under 14 inches of damn snow! Damn, daaamn, daaaamn! Oh well, I've waited this long, I'll survive.<P>jcfii<P>dlihc kcalb tnegilletni 1
26740, Nah D, Thank you
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 05:36 AM
D it's about time that u finally dropped this album. It really what we need now in an era of bullshit R&B. I know that the album is worth tha wait. Its artists like you that pick up where the true masters (Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Isaac Hayes, and Donny Hathaway,Prince, etc.) left off.<P>Raskills2000<P><BR>"If rappin was a house, you'd be evicted" Big Daddy Kane
26741, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside :-)
Posted by the2ndsurvivor, Tue Jan-25-00 06:17 AM
...despite the fact that Greensboro is also on lockdown b/c of this snow!! Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to pick up Voodoo. <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/sad.gif"><P>"It ain't about the muscles if you know how to use the knuckles."---my little sister<P>"Too often, we lose sight of life's simple pleasures. Remember, when <BR>someone annoys you it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown BUT, it only takes<BR>4 muscles to extend your arm and <BR>bitch-slap the fool upside the head..."---anonymous<P>
26742, Chicken grease
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-01-00 10:07 PM
<BR>What more can I say. 2ndsurvivor, I was in Greensboro, too. So I had to wait a week!!! AAAAAAHHHHH!. But I'm feelin' James on the keys...check 4 this after you get all the cut-up with "Untitled..."<P>"Rolled up dead Mc's in a backpack/took it schhol under a new name/called it a knapsack." -Me.<P>"You be actin like an Amazon when the camera's on/but when the camera's off, you be actin' soft" -Wildchild of Lootpack <BR> <BR>
26743, Aint that a bi#%H!?
Posted by Voodoochilde, Tue Jan-25-00 09:20 AM
I'm with ya! Here in D's home of Richmond...5 years waiting...i've been counting the days...got the local store to pre-order me an LP along with the cds they'll be getting...i was gonna stop by the store on the way to work today to pick them both up so i could listen to them all day on the job...then...out of the blue...i wake up to...BAM!!! The BIGGEST snowstorm to hit this area in years! City SHUTS DOWN. SNOWSNOWSNOW NONONO no Voodoo for me today ya'll!!!!<P>...but wait...whats this? <P>Whats THIS??<P>My girlfriend says 'oh yeah, a package came for you yesterday' It was from my brother who lives in California. I open the package and there's a maxell cassette with my brothers handwriting on it..."a little black magic to hold you over" is what it says. Hmmmmmm...i put it in and BAMM!!! Turns out he knows someone who knows someone at Virgin who let him tape it. He sent it over a week ago thinking i would get it last week sometime. Turns out it got here JUST in time...cuz there wont be ANY mail here today ya'll...SNOWSNOWSNOW...now i get to stay home all day with my girl and probably one of the only tapes of Voodoo in this area...now THATS some black magic shit ya'll!!! <P>gotta go pop the tape back in ya'll...stay warm folks!
26744, I'm stuck inside....
Posted by 1Mind, Tue Jan-25-00 06:30 PM
Here in Allentown, PA we got 15 inches of snow and I couldn't get out today to cop the most anticipated CDs in a long time. A work of Voodoo indeed. Anyway, D, I know the album is monumental so I'm going to thank you before I pick it up. Keep doing your thing.<P>-1Mind<P>
26745, Re: Voodoo
Posted by SankofaII, Tue Jan-25-00 06:13 AM
Future Filmmaker Over Here<P><BR>Well, I don't have to say much since everyone is saying it for me. :)<P>I'm glad the cd is finally out...Truthfully, I would have waited til I turned 80. :) But, it's out and I'm happy as hell you've blessed us with more music. I'm looking forward to wearing the hell out Voodoo like I did Brown Sugar as a freshman in college. <P>I wish you the best of luck this year: not only touring (you coming to the Ohio/PA area? Like someone else said, are you SURE you are ready for wild ass okayplayers in the audience?? :) I hope so!), but in dealing with all the fools who have been hating on you all this time. <P>Irregardless, continue being true to yourself and the music you create. :) You definitely have a fan in me (I'm still tripping over the fact you're not that much older than me (24 now)! <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">)<P><BR>Peace and Blessings Brotha,<BR>Ryan Canty
Posted by Nesta, Tue Jan-25-00 06:29 AM
<BR>Thank you!!!!<P>But if you're really interested in thanking me you can send me atape of all the stuff you left off the album. I could care less about the format, reel to reel, 8 track, DAT, mini-disc, mp3, aiff, cassette...<P><BR>What are the rewards of those who tend to their God-given talents as they would have the creator tend to their spirits and daily lives? What happens when the artist becomes the conjur man? These are questions that seem to be null and void in the face of all the glitter and glamour that has dominated most successful balck artistry of recent years. We seem to be more preoccupied with cultivating our bank accounts than cultivating our crafts. Nowadays, I find my peers more inspired by an artist's business tactics than their artistry. In fact, we do not seem to mind an artistry that suffers in the face of seemingly good business. More artists yearn to own their own labels, etc. than they seem to yearn to master their crafts. No, we cannot allow any more Bessie Smiths to occur, but once an artist owns their own publishing the question then becomes, what are you going to publish?<P>The VooDoo Manifesto Saul Williams
26747, question
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 07:26 AM
how do you know that the liner notes are by Saul Williams...i couldn't find where it said who had written the preface anywhere on the joint.<P><BR>of course, the album is bangin and much respect and appreciation goes to all involved.
26748, Virgin records said so...
Posted by Nesta, Tue Jan-25-00 09:10 AM
Okayplayer adamant works for Fox News adn did a review of the album for their website and called them to ask and they told him. Check tthe Voodoo Manifesto Post adn Ahmir talks about other people who weren't properly credited on the album.<P><BR>What are the rewards of those who tend to their God-given talents as they would have the creator tend to their spirits and daily lives? What happens when the artist becomes the conjur man? These are questions that seem to be null and void in the face of all the glitter and glamour that has dominated most successful balck artistry of recent years. We seem to be more preoccupied with cultivating our bank accounts than cultivating our crafts. Nowadays, I find my peers more inspired by an artist's business tactics than their artistry. In fact, we do not seem to mind an artistry that suffers in the face of seemingly good business. More artists yearn to own their own labels, etc. than they seem to yearn to master their crafts. No, we cannot allow any more Bessie Smiths to occur, but once an artist owns their own publishing the question then becomes, what are you going to publish?<P>The VooDoo Manifesto Saul Williams
26749, eff a 9:30!!!
Posted by Vet, Tue Jan-25-00 07:38 AM
well that's an exaggeration. try 3 black females in a predominantly white town running into our favorite hippie record/book/candle store and 9:26 this morning not to mention the one that straggled in ladden with snow 3 minutes later. one had a 9:30... man my french prof that i was high when i got there. Dee caused a riot in lafayette indiana. Thanks for the music man. It's as much a part of my life as it is yours, your music just makes it sweeter.<P>skidmarks. they're not just for underwear anymore. - crash bandicoot<P>'i feel you like, tomaz zamot ya know' - donwill<P>yardicus: hey don't laugh! I can rock the hell out a miniskirt and some "hooker heels..."<P>yardicus: Not to mention, my superb flynes when rocking a string of pearls...<P>just think/just think/ what if you could just/just blink your tag - Black Thought HOB 99<P>bAttlin me is like some KEDS tryna mess wit NEW BALANCES.. -Sporatic<P>dick hed mcs, wit dem flacid, phalic soundin subjects- one of those jail urine roach xylophone nukkas (jurx-donwill)
26750, AMEN.
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 08:16 AM
Greetings and blessings to everyone. Right now I am so at peace that after so long I finally have the essence of pure soul in my possession. I'm proud to say that I am the first person in my city to own a copy of D's album (I know this because LJ isn't that big). Thank you D for bringing about such an immaculate collection of songs and prose that envoke humanity and real music. You put time and care into your music, and that is what makes you such a profound artist--genius even. It's about time someone really put it down! You are the man. God bless. Peace.
26751, superlatives won't cut it for Voodo
Posted by mikeONE, Tue Jan-25-00 08:19 AM
D'Angelo has created a wonderful album that was worth the wait. All who collaborated should feel proud. Congrats to okayplayer for getting a shout out on KMEL106 (the bay area's hip hop 'n R&B station) because of D's nekkid pictures:)<BR>Hey we take luv where we get it.<P>Hold on it's bout to get real crowded in here.<P>AIM: okmikeONE<BR>
26752, one more..
Posted by joemills, Thu Feb-03-00 09:40 AM
Saw the post a bit ago, just didn't get a chance to send my reply to Mr. D....the album is tight and if no one else shows you love, just by looking at these posts, you can tell someone is. Waiting to see D rip it on tour.<P>joemills
26753, Greatdayndamornin'
Posted by Silky1, Tue Jan-25-00 08:20 AM
You are too welcome,"D". But let me thank you for "The Root", a new way of hearing "Feel Like Makin' Love(cause you made it gritty and I like that), and for Greatdayndamornin'. This song let's me know I got to keep on pushing on. It's truly one of those songs I can listen to while I'm getting ready for class. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this masterpiece. And please come visit us in the Northwest. One love.
26754, Shhhhhh
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 09:08 AM
<BR>Come here D'Angelo...let me whisper something to u....after I did the eyes closed, head back, foot tap I found your expression of gratitude.....Thank u from the bottom of my eargasm and soul ...u put a spell on me....fa real<P>"I know a place down by the tracks where they got a litlle jazz band...its such a sexy situation..." Teena Marie
26755, thanks for the thanks
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 09:33 AM
I just wanted to let you know that it wasa cool to here from you. We have a snowstorm here in DC so I the malls are closed but I am trying to find someway to get the CD. Can twait to see you on tour.
26756, always ONE.......
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 11:15 AM
P.E.A.C.E.<P>person throughout history that looked at shit differently and decided to change shit. D you could possibly be that ONE person to change shit amongst this soulless R&B genre! Using Sound as a tool that can move the physical and the spiritual! Which is Y Voodoo is the perfect name for this album because it is a return to our spiritual roots and is not to be feared but, embraced just as our ancestors did before we were forced to worship the lie! This album is a revolution in more ways than ONE!<P>@ONE
26757, Dag. I hate snow.
Posted by Asialove, Tue Jan-25-00 11:38 AM
First of all... Thank you for the LONG awaited album. I can't wait to hear the rest of it. Untitled has to be one of my favorite songs in the world. I was supposed to buy the album today.. but Im damn near snowed in. effin New Hampshire. GRRRRRR. So...I will not be able to buy it until I can drive anywhere. :( *sniff sniff* Congrats on a beautiful album and much success to you on this one. <BR>oversoul.<BR>Nikki<BR> <BR>RIP~Jajaro "Spook" Preston...Jeorsheria Otero-Christie. <BR>Honorary Knownots crew member<BR>"I'm on Xmasy" ~ okayboricua mil<BR>"Okayplayer: raising IQ's and lowering GPA's across the nation" ~ mil<BR>"To all the girls do what you gotta do, but it ain't WHAT you do, it's HOW you do." Bahamadia<BR>"The principles of true hip hop have been forsaken, it's all contractual and about money makin. Pretend to be cats don't seem to know their limitations, exact replications and false representation. You wanna be a man then stand your own. To emcee requires skill i demand some shown" WHAT?! haha ~BT<BR>"Take heed when its your turn to bring new life MAKE SURE IT'S THE WOMAN YOU GON' MAKE YOUR WIFE" Xhibit
26758, thank you
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 12:08 PM
You the man-D. Just keep puttin'out this unbelievable material. That's all. Been waitin' 5 long years for this joint.<BR>
26759, I Love It!!!
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 12:15 PM
I want to thank you for this great CD you came out with. It is really good. I like track numbers 2;10;12;and 13 the most.....keep up the good work sexy....
26760, you da man!!!
Posted by taktiks, Tue Jan-25-00 12:53 PM
NO!...THANK U!!!! for always coming with shit that just makes your body twitch. this is the way music should be made (all genres, no fillers). after the first listen my joint is "one mo' gin" those keys are SICK!! <BR>P.S. my pops says you remind him of al green (what a compliment). see your loved by old and young people.<P><BR>"fuck this rap shit I listen to classical"---Baatin of Slum Village<P>"cause who i'm talking bout y'all is HIP-HOP"---Common Sense
26761, you're most welcome indeed...
Posted by Framamind, Tue Jan-25-00 01:05 PM
It's all good having patience for a fine piece of work that you put so much blood, sweat, and tears into (and it shows in the music, D). Much respect to all who participated on this project. Good music like this has been hard to find lately. Peace.<P>One world, many minds.<P>Framamind<BR>SPAS accredited<P>Support okayfam! pick up 'The AutNoyz Project' cd (featuring Ya Ya) at mp3.com<BR><a href="http://www.mp3.com/artists/60/autnoyz.html" target="_blank">http://www.mp3.com/artists/60/autnoyz.html<;/a><P>"it aint no settling in my settling down, settling ends in settlements, see we should---be subtle, how we a team, but never<BR> been in a huddle?" - P!<P>"Our so-called leaders speak/with words they try to jail ya/they subjugate the meek/but it's the rhetoric of failure"<P>"Youngbloods can't spell but they can rock you at playstation..."- Mos Def<P>"Well, of COURSE everything looks bad if you remember it!" -Homer Simpson<P>"...Nick is superhumanhiphophead!!"-MBclassick
26762, Big Ups to D'angelo's Voodoo!!
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 02:03 PM
26763, ok i'ma brave the snow
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 02:19 PM
since the creator decided to bring the ruckus here in philly whith the snow i was gonna wait til tomorow but all these glowing reviews... i'm headed out after if finish watching the simpsons.<P>"Homer Simpson your under arrest for attempted murder."<P>"Doe!"<P>"That's what they all say, the all say 'doe'"
26764, A breath of fresh air..
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 02:35 PM
After 5 years of no D'Angelo, it really doesn't seem that long ago and this album makes up for it, in a big way.<P>This album is a breath of fresh air, a blessing, for what your soul voice brings to all of your fans. I don't think words can explain.<BR>
26765, Incredible album
Posted by MrMajor, Tue Jan-25-00 02:47 PM
No hyperbole, no dick riding, no shit, just incredible. Thanks D'.<P><BR>"damn" -me
26766, Your Welcome!
Posted by Wendell, Tue Jan-25-00 02:57 PM
Yo D!<P>It was a wonderful day here in Chicago. I took a nice 3 block stroll down LaSalle street to pick up your jawn. Walked into the store and instantly noticed that about 60 people had your cd in their possesson. Well, I made it number 61. It was a wonderful sight, to see all these relieved looking people smiling, because they KNOW they got some good music. When I got back to my office, I closed my door and played it, all I could do was exhale, and smile. <P>Peace<P>Pseudonym-less Wendell
26767, Yay!!!!
Posted by viagramakesmeimpotent, Tue Jan-25-00 03:14 PM
I hope you Platinum And get Grammys and stuff, im not even mad that my girlfriend dumped me for a tape of your naked video. No hard feelings i understand you a sex symbol and im the poster boy for skid row vacants.<P><BR>Founder of M.W.S<BR>"Let's show'em a little leg......The third one"
26768, Congratulations!
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 03:34 PM
Thank you D, and Congratulations on selling 1.5 Mil already !!! ish! dam! well you keep doing your thing,love ya and can't wait to you again!<P>"Man, I smashed like a Idaho Potato"<BR>"Yo,I'm breathin NOW" wheeeeeew<P>Honey
26769, you're welcome
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 03:36 PM
and thank you!<BR>who jah love, no man curse!<BR>givin you thanks & praises, D!
26770, why was my cd melted????
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 03:46 PM
I could go on and on about how much I LOVE!!!! Voodoo for hours upon themselves,but I'd rather not repeat the same thing I'm sure you've heard infinite times.10/10.........<P>I would ,however like to know why was my cd case melted.<BR>I got home and tried to open up the case but it wouldn't open.I later found out that the back of the case where it hinges was actually melted together into 1 unmoveable piece.<BR>well I found myself in quite a quandry.<BR>I literally had to smash the case in order to get to the goods inside.now who the hell fused my cd case together leaving me with nothing but a smashed-to-pieces case???????<P><BR>"It's here,it's here,it's here,it's here......."-common<P>
26771, d's thank u
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 04:21 PM
D, <BR>there are no words to describe voodu.....and i thought that that angie stone was the the dawn of the new age! one question- how did she go from big sis to baby's momma?....just wonderin
26772, hey
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 04:31 PM
Hi this is alittle something that i alway's read. Befor goin to bed at nite and it help's me when i'm havein bad times in my life. "In thee, O Lord, Do i put my trust; Let me never be ashamed: deliver me in thy righteousness." And one more thing i love your new cd the song that i really like is "send it on" just keep up all the good work and we are glad to have you back in this music game.<P>Jenness jones <BR>xoxoxoxoxox<BR>ST. LOUIS MO
26773, No, thanks you, for real
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 04:57 PM
I feel like this CD is my baby too. I've been waiting for it since the release of Brown Sugar. A lot of my friends are crying, "It's not the same as Brown Sugar." I get disgusted and tell them that's point. D is showing us an evolution from what he was to what he has become. Brown Sugar was great but Voodoo is on another level, at a different stage. Then again, I can't expect them to understand because they are not musicians like myself and they prefer anything that makes their 12s jump. I appreciate the complexity and the variety that you have given us this time around. I fought three freshman girls, (I'm a junior in college) to be the first to have it at midnight and I won (I didn't really fight, I just out-smarted them). By 12:07, I was in my car jamming. At 12:10, you had put the Voodoo on me something dirty. Thank you, it was definitely worth the wait but um, please, don't be gone so long and try to come to Detroit on tour. Babygirl.
26774, The Love You Give, You Receive In Return
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 05:25 PM
No thanks is necessary, what's more important is not the accolades you receive but how you speak to fans through your music. So You Ask "How Does It Feel? It feels Like Heaven to Me! I Hope You stay well in Body and Spirit!<BR>(By the Way, I trooped In a blizzard to get this CD, It was well worth the wait!) <BR> Much Love And Respect,<BR> S.I.L.V.E.R.
26775, ooooh..
Posted by maria, Tue Jan-25-00 06:10 PM
damn.. i haven't heard somethin' this sexy..sincere..smart..and soulful in a long time. thank you.. it's albums like this that make it so much sweeter to be inlove..<P>peace and blessings,<BR>maria.<P>R.I.P. Erinness..<P>"winn-dixie is open 24 hours.. today, tomorrow, and at your momma's house."<P><a href="http://www.elevatedminds.com" target="_blank">http://www.elevatedminds.com<;/a><BR><a href="http://www.boondocks.net" target="_blank">http://www.boondocks.net<;/a>
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 06:18 PM
i'm convinced that this is the end... and i'm going to try to sleep my days away<P>alot of reasons.<P>for one - i PRE-ordered voodoo from the site (twec or some company), and it's not here yet - i'm going to go INSANE with all this snow, and no D in my cabin-feverish life...<P>for two - it's been a long time D. it seems like you were blessed enough so that you could become me, before i could become myself (and let the public know me) in this creative meta-morposis i went under. <P>okay - you came out first - then i get signed and i try to make my music the way my spirit moves me - THEN EVERYONE THINKS I'M TRYING TO BE YOU MAN !! LOL. <P>i listened to brown sugar 10 times, then i gave it away because it was affecting my writing and production. i knew you had something great, but i couldn't allow myself to come out being a mimic, so i looked towards myself more so that i could get some ill content and abstracts with my songs (spirit, the world, love). then i read about your project, and it's supposed to be on the same tip ! lol, i was shocked.<P>listening to voodoo (when it gets here) is going to be very hard for me to do. to keep it real - i may just cry listening to some of your material - and not necessarily because of it's beauty ( i know it's going to be beautiful though *). i'm going to cry because somehow during the time that we were creating 2 totally different projects, we seemed to have some kind of crazy psychic-creative connection - and you may have beat me to the draw with alot of things man :). <P>your lyrics may be a little bit like mine, you may present your voice the way i've done or would do. that shit is going to hit me hard, and i know i'm going to have to NOT release some powerful material, just to preserve the creative aim of my project - which is NOT SOUNDING LIKE ANYTHING YOU'VE EVER HEARD. i tried my hardest, and i know in my heart that i was winning at it, but people like to put every artist in the box - the public would surely put me in the "d'angelo box". i can see definite differences, and i'm sure you would too, but the world just wouldn't understand.<P>i don't know how many spins i can give voodoo - but i promise (myself) that i'll listen at least 1 time before i give it to my sister or something :).<P>your album, judging by the material i've heard will be revolutionary. i wish you all the best, because you deserve it. maybe next time around i can beat you to the draw when I come out - somewhere in that 2 - 3 years respite between voodoo and your next album. or will it be another 5 - 6 ? :). hopefully not D. there are people out there who are living for you. this masterpiece you've created will only sustain them for a lil' while - they need you more than you know.... peace out.... <BR> billy<P><BR>"you gaze confused/ at me from the stage while my camera rewinds/ yes - flashed a contraband memoir of an obsession divine/ in this life i want just a mere fraction of your prescious time/ when i relinquish to you all of mine" - <P><a href="http://www.geocities.com/gabbana36/billy1.html" target="_blank">http://www.geocities.com/gabbana36/billy1.html<;/a>
26777, Blazin', En Fuego, ......
Posted by MistaMeek, Tue Jan-25-00 06:19 PM
this shiit is HOT! its was worth the wait!<P>Thanks D' for makin such a heart felt album....<P>Mistameek...says this is some tight Soul Music!<P>OuT!<P>"the truth is that you are ug-g-ly...not on the outside but in the inside, on the outside you are fronting too love-e-ly!"-Pharoahe Monch<P>"got me battling my on mind state of the divine rate, i aint in it to just rhyme great...!"-Common<P> "the truth is my crew is the smooth-est bit as the saliva juices like the Roots-s' is, with more organic than acoustics, heavenly what will set you free and will kill you in the same breath, that shiit you got to get off your chest before your death...!"-Talib Kweli<P><BR>R.I.P. #13 Bobby Phills, Always will be a Hornet!<P>R.I.P. #45 Charles Hayward, UNCC 49er-4-Life!<P>"Football! Division-1 football at UNCC, get the phuck out of here!-ME<P>"Makemenonevanomind"-ME<P>"God Luv All"-universal<P>"inquiring minds unite"-ME<P>"fitentobe"-universal<P>"yes-yes, yes-yes, yes, whoop-whooop, whoop-whoop, whoop, wooooooooo!...Light up the sky like it was the 4th of July!"-MOS Def<P>"the mind must be free to see"-ME...i think!<P>"dont go by what other people believe you to be, be your own person, K.O.S.!"-ME...i think too!
26778, writing to d'angelo
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 06:38 PM
where can i write to d'angelo? (i mean somewhere where he's actually gonna get the letter) cuz that e-mail address ain't workin (obviously)
26779, will somebody please answer my question?
Posted by guest, Sun Jan-30-00 10:39 AM
(see previous post)
26780, too bad....
Posted by qoolquest, Tue Feb-01-00 03:00 AM
you actualy think you are gonna get that much access to him? haha<P><P><P><BR>THE SOULQUARIANS<BR>chewy (quest).....jan<BR>luke (d)........feb <BR>lando (jaydee)......feb<BR>cp30 (james poyser).....jan<BR>r2d2 (jazzy jeff)......jan<BR>hans (chaos)........jan<BR>anakin (lil mike)......feb<P>honorary members:<BR>kelo- soulacorn.......jan<BR>common- soulcies......march<BR>erykah- soulcies......feb<BR>
26781, hhmmm.....
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-01-00 01:16 PM
I don't deny the man's musical talents and superstar status, but......he's still just a person like everybody else. I'm sure he'll agree with me on that one. I wasn't asking for the man's home address, just where he recieves his fanmail. I guess it was worth a try....
26782, yadda yadda yadda..... n/m?
Posted by the_fifth, Tue Jan-25-00 06:41 PM
peace.<P>RIP Alexus (aka erin)<P>member of SPAS, soon to be Vp, lol<P>The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.<P>"Blackness does not diminish me, as long as I have this tongue and this stout breast. Some are raised up by means of their lineage; the verses of my poems are my lineage. How much better a keen minded, clear spoken black than a mute-white! If I am jet-black, musk too is very dark-- and there is no medicine for the blackness of my skin." -Nusayb (died 726)<P>"Rest in peace, move in passion." -Khalil Gibran<P>APPLY LIBERALLY!!!!! <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P><BR>
26783, The Album is So Fly!!!!
Posted by C_Jon, Tue Jan-25-00 08:14 PM
D,<BR> Words cannot express my gratitude for this album. I was literally skipping when I went to rasputins today, because I knew I was about to get the remedy for my case of the voodoo flu.(1 minute of voodoo will clear that right up!) WOW man!! When I got into the store I was some what scared, I mean I knew your album would be there, but then again: it I was like what if my nightmare that I had the night before comes true. What if the releasing people decided to hold back the release of this album "One mo'gin"(which happens to be one of my favorite songs)?!!! I would probably just have to jump out of the window(lol- just kidding). <BR> I walked between the metal detectors and past the security guards and the first thing I heard was Method Man and Redman rapping to "Left and Right" and that is when I knew that the day had finally come!!! <BR> I grabbed the first Cd I could find.There were so many. I wanted to buy all of them just for the hell of it!!(even though I know my college budget would not allow that) I stopped to listen to the next track on the radio in the store and it was track No.4 "the Line". I felt a big cheezy smile come on so I ran to the soul section and pretended like I was looking for something. I could not move. I felt my body literally grooving from the inside out. It was true magic!!!!!I walked around the store to the alternative section, so I could take a peek and see if anyone turned in any used Lenny Kravitz Cd's(somebody clippeed mine so I have to restock on that cats stuff- I know you listen to him right?) And then the most amazing sound rang through my head. My favorite song -that I have been singing since your recent concert(and the song that I played over and over until my soul blends tape broke)- "Send it on" came on. I almost hit a back flip!!! I wanted to stand there and listen some more,but I had to get back to school for my one o'clocl class was soon to start.I began to feel sad,because I wanted to listen some more, but then I remembered my whole purpose of coming to the darn store was to buy your Cd. <BR> I went to the purchase line and paid for the cd and then the sales girl told me that I could get a free poster with my purchase, so she sat the bag on the other side of the counter(near the exit where any fool could have picked it up, but they did not thank GOd!)until I came back. I went to the drawer and got a lovely poster of you and went back to claim my prize. <BR> I was so happy that I almost missed my step when I exited the store. As I walked to my car my left mind was going crazy shouting "I got my voodoo, I got my voodoo" then my right mind(I believe my conscience) said "chill out it is only a cd" then my left mind replied " but its Voodoo" and my right mind agreed and shouted a little too!!! I got to my car and almost ripped the cd to shreds(they sure do tape the stuff up real tight). I carefully lifted the cd out of its case and pushed the eject button to release The Toni's House of Music Album(aren't they cool!). I put in the cd and proceeded to drive to my school. The five minutes that it takes to get to my school seemed like five seconds. I sat in the parking lot and read the letter in the cd booklet. I felt tears come to my eyes. (that was so deep and true). Nobody ever thinks of music that way it is so darn (I think I am going to say it) Puff Daddy COmericailized(darn it I said it). It was kind of like those words were takin out of my mind. <BR>Well back to the real reason why I wrote this letter!(I can get to talkin and then forget exactly what I was talking about) YOur album is totally fly!!!! I knew it!!!!!It is the bomb!!!You are starting to change my feelings about the non-original music of generation X. Even though I know we still have along way to go, I am glad you decided to go with what is in your heart and not what you want in your pockets. Thank you man. With you and these other real musical cats(who do there own stuff and not commericiallize it) I think there might be some form of hope for this musically-challenged generation.<BR>Sincerely,<BR>C.Jontay<BR> <BR>"I am still trying to formulate a quoteable quote.....one that is unique,intricate, and orginal...."___me
26784, cant wait till friday
Posted by keroline, Tue Jan-25-00 08:35 PM
my best friend bought me my cd (apostle aka jahbryll....the bestest friend in the whole world MUAAAAAAAAH!!!) and ill be gettin it this friday!!<P>we should be thankin u for the music u make and i really cant wait to see u in los angeles!<BR>if its anything like brownsugar, im hooked,<P><BR>we love u d!<P><P>"HI, im the HERB of the year!..."-b.t.<P>"lamus maximus!!!"-me<P>"now why can't i get a jawn like that?"-Apostle (speaking of dwine's experience)<P>"ill email ya"-will.i.am<P>
26785, Congrats
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 10:06 PM
Me and my roomie here at school walked in the sleet today to get your album. Just wanted to say congrats and job well done, because the walk was definatly worth it. Thanx for the music and please let us know when you are gonna be doing something in the NJ, NY area here on ur page, so we can come out and holla.<P>THANX,<BR>Sweets
26786, keep it movin'
Posted by ohioplayer, Tue Jan-25-00 10:08 PM
Thanks, D, for staying true to yourself. You gave us something to remember. And for that, you'll never be alone. Even when you feel like it. One love, kid. Does anybody know why Lauryn wasn't on the "Feel Like Makin' Love" joint?<P> Peace,<BR> Toledo's Finest<P>"Feels so good inside myself/Don't wanna move/Feels so good inside myself/Don't need to move/Soon as I go up/I'm comin' down/And when I'm lost/I know I can't be found." - Sly Stone, 1971<BR> <P>
26787, whoooooaaaaaa!!!!
Posted by guest, Tue Jan-25-00 11:00 PM
this album is tight...thank you!<P>-Mclain<P>"The true wealth of a nation lies not in its gold or silver but in its learning, wisdom and in the uprightness of its sons."<BR>-Khalil Gibran
26788, EU release/Richmond Peeps
Posted by guest, Wed Jan-26-00 03:06 AM
Hello<BR>I am currently in HOlland I was wondering if the CD was released with the track with Lauryn Hill? I went to a store here today, since it just came in today and it didn't have the Lauryn track listed. Does the cd have the Lauryn track or not in the states. <BR>BTW, are any of these peeps that post from Richmond, VA? If so, please give me the ups on what is going on. I am missing the states like a nympho in a convent.<P><BR>
26789, to say that this album is amazing...
Posted by spacecowgirl, Wed Jan-26-00 04:49 AM
says nothing. not only does one listen to this album; one experiences it. i don't know any other artist, since marvin gaye, who puts as much power in their backing tracks as you do. almost all of them could stand alone. the bridge in "untitled" is a perfect example of this. in the video my favorite part is when you sing the "if" right before "only if you want me to." you raise your arms on if and it appears as though you're lifting your voice up. the harmonies sung behind that one word are so damn tight. i rewind that part at least 10 times before i make it through the video. anyway, you have definately raised the standards in music once again with this album. i hope my shit will be as tight as yours. i look forward to your tour. enjoy your success. maybe one day we'll be able to work together.<BR>peace and much love,<BR>spacecowgirl
26790, peace d
Posted by atruhead, Wed Jan-26-00 05:28 AM
The album is the shit, from saul's piece to the music inside, I like how youre the main background singer most of the time and the background sounds different than the lead. When I first heard "chiken grease" on the chris rock show I knew it was on. Keep up the great work, just please dont make us wait more than another 4 years. Peace.<P><BR>"Intellectual property I got the title and the deed, I pay rent with the tears and sweat and what I bleed"- Talib Kweli<P>"You got hamburger beef I'll french fry ya cause drag done ate your food"- Drag-On
26791, You are God's Gift
Posted by guest, Wed Jan-26-00 07:01 AM
D'Angelo. I waited outside a record store for the midnight sale of your long awaited 2nd project. I think that God has put you on this earth for good<BR>quality music to give to the people. <P>Thank you for presenting your gift to me. Much Love to you! <P>Deninge
26792, Prince should be Inspired.
Posted by guest, Wed Jan-26-00 07:01 AM
Greetings from Toronto.<BR>I listened 2 Voodoo last nite and also read the liner notes on the album.<BR>I must commend D for putting 2gether such an artistic collection...inspirational, spiritual and in da name of chicken grease all over the world, damn funk-e.<BR>The horn arrangements are tight...Hargrove lays some truly beautiful tones.<BR>The beats...?!<BR>The album reminded me of Prince's opus "Sign o the Times" and the continuous flow of tracks was like "Lovesexy".<BR>I would also love 2 see Prince's face when he hears these joints...<BR>Just wanted 2 let y'all know that Canada appreciates D and the whole okayplayer family.<BR>When u comin up north brah?...Believe me, u can't walk 'round like how u "dressed" 4 the "Untitled" video 2day!..."guess u know me well, I don't like winter"<BR>Peace & Sunshine<BR>Billy<BR>PS Looking 4ward 2 the Jazzy's gig in T-Dot on the 28th.
26793, You did it again!!
Posted by guest, Wed Jan-26-00 08:09 AM
Nothin' but love for you and what you represent. Man, when I heard the CD all I could do was exhale. Not only was it worth the wait but I would wait even longer knowing that this would be the result. Thanks D! You are like Noah. Leading the flock of true music lovers across the rivers and floods of R&B bullshit. Thanks again, man. Can't wait till that "greatdaynindamornin" when the rest of the industry realizes that "Voodoo" (and "Brown Sugar" for that matter) is what music is all about. <P>A grateful fan
26794, Snow couldn't stop me
Posted by legal_tenda, Wed Jan-26-00 10:02 AM
Wouldn't you know it would be a blizzard in NC, the first in years, on the opening day for Gee_lo's CD. As expected, my city shutdown. U woulda' thought I was a crack addict out in the snow like I was crazy trying to find a store open. I have it today and can't wait to get home to get my hit of D'Angelo for the day. . . <P>All is love. . . <P>Peace & Blessings~<P>Legal Tenda'<BR>quiktalent@aol.com<BR><a href="http://community.webtv.net/quicktalent" target="_blank">http://community.webtv.net/quicktalent<;/a>
26795, nigga go put on a shirt....
Posted by donwill, Wed Jan-26-00 12:20 PM
damnit..u effin up my play..lol<P>word..but yo..i dig the album...actually i cant listen to it..my head aint just right yet.but let me say this..from what i heard...u got the make a baby album of the year..gonna be alot of babymamas off of this shit..<P>and the album liner notes..man that is the realest shit i read in a while..hells yeah<P>dude..yo last album was like a effin sex mix tape..that is real....<P>man im donwill....peacee...hope tosee U on my drunk posts..lol..<P>but for real..put on a shirt nigga..i am happy to be skinny but damn..the women is all on u.....<P>HATER~!!!!!!!<P>congratulaions...u dont need luk..<P>"cant get a nigga like don dime-a-dozen"<BR>-the realest shit cappadonna ever wrote<P>cunning linguist since 7:25 7/25/99<BR>swass/knownots/SPAS/KOSAT/TOPAS member<P>Libation Leutinant and one of the founding father of THE BOARDICIDAL MANIACS (TBM)<BR>"it aint safe no more....."<P><P>
26796, The Real shit is Back!
Posted by guest, Wed Jan-26-00 05:51 PM
Great album man
Posted by cbk, Wed Jan-26-00 06:39 PM
probably ever. it was a greatdayndamornin' when i stormed tower tue. @9:00.<P>i'm glad that u kept methodman and redman on the record also, despite what some people on this site and others have said. fuck em, how we do it.<P>i look forward to seeing u on tour. you're a true inspiration for my everydaylife. your music makes your listeners feel good about themselves.<P>i can't wait to see what you'll do next. thank you for giving us the best sounds.
26798, Respect... keep doin' yo thang!
Posted by SOULFINGA, Fri Jan-28-00 09:58 PM
... time ain't an issue, bruh!! Sometimes perfection can take an eternity (seemingly). "Voodoo" is perfection! From the music on the disk to the comments in the CD booklet... it wuz on point. I'd rather wait for perfection than rush to haste! Keep shinin!<P>(Tracks 11)
Posted by cbk, Sat Jan-29-00 08:44 AM
i've heard in a long time. NO ONE sounds like you.<P>i'm glad that you kept methodman and redman on the album, despite what some close-minded people thought before they heard the final sequence of the album. don't listen to anyone but yourself.<P>thanks again. voodoo changed my life.
26800, you're beautiful
Posted by guest, Sat Jan-29-00 04:44 PM
Hello, Micheal (D'Angelo)<BR> I just wanted to tell you that you are getting alot of love from Birmingham, Al. People feel that you are a great artist because you talk about real things, not cars and money. One of my dreams is to meet you. I keep wondering how good could have created such a magnificent person. Your tour is not coming to Alabama, so I'm very dissapointed, but as long as I have your cd I will have my own personal concert. I heard that you like heavy set woman, well I'm not heavy set but I hope that you will like me anyway. Keep it up sweetheart and you will be one of the most celebrated musicians (artists) in the world. <BR> I Love You,<BR> Eugenia
26801, no...thank you!!
Posted by guest, Sat Jan-29-00 06:16 PM
Hey D ( and those dreamin eyes of yours),<P>what's up. I just wanted to say that Brown Sugar is one of my all time favourites! I really feel that shit. And I cant wait to get Voodoo but they still haven't released it here bin Holland. <P>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Holland this time, to Amsterdam and smoke some of that green sugar. You would sell out the place in minutes, a lot of people overhere dying to see you perform.<P>Anyway, keep on doin what you do best, keepin that shit alive. By the way, I did think you took a bit too long, releasing the 2nd album but Im sure its worth while!<P>a lot of love,<P>Samira
26802, Thank you for the greatest gift
Posted by guest, Sat Jan-29-00 07:26 PM
Since your album did come out a week after my birthday, it was one present that was definately worth the wait. My friend was even gonna pay me 20 dollars to have this cd, but I asked her if she actually thought I was crazy; there's no way in the world. Anyways, after listening to it for the fifty-leventh time, I've come to the realization that you are truly a talented singer, composer, musician who has meaning in not only the words you sing, but the notes/music you play. THANK you for somethin WORTH listening to. Now, I can stop playin out my Brown Sugar CD at night when i go to sleep, and put in some new Voodoo.<BR> <BR>PS--One Mo Gin is my favorite so far. And how that dude from Hits From the Streets try to perpetrate with his remake of the Untitled video???...Straight trippin. He couldnt pull that kind of video off if he wanted to. Scared me when i saw that it wasnt your face peering from my tv.
26803, D'Angelo
Posted by guest, Sat Jan-29-00 07:53 PM
I just wanna say that i really love ur new album..and i am really looking forward to seeing u on tour...i met u thurs jan 27 at iverson mall in MD. and u look even better in person...=o)...i am going to be looking forward to your reply!
26804, Great project
Posted by guest, Sun Jan-30-00 01:44 AM
Hello Mike aka D'Angelo,<P>Again you have done it . Putting together yet another controversial but very dynamic piece of musical greatness evolving right up there with the great ones. ( Marvin, Curtis, Stevie, & The Artist. Well done. I'm a writer/musician, who's been trying to get information on hooking up with people to either sale lyrics and or get something musically started , and was wondering if you had some insight on who, & where I can send material to to have it looked at. Hopefully it'll be through someone such as yourself or either someone closely within your inner circle.<P> Peace Out , <BR> mkGz
26805, Black Diamond...
Posted by guest, Sun Jan-30-00 01:58 AM
If there ever were such a thing as a "Black Diamond"....It would most certainly be U. I have only one request as a CD purchaser. Far be it from me to infringe upon "Artist Expression" but, when you make a LOVE song, mean it. Where am I coming from, you may ask? I read the lyrics to Left and Right, and the Rap section needs work, not to Dis Redmann or Method man, but as a woman, a Black Woman, if you want to make me feel secure, don't turn around and call me a chicken head on the next verse. I'm sure that this was just their way of expressing how they knock it down and all, but, it just didn't go with the beggining of this song in my most humblest opinion. Hope I'm not being too harsh. If you're wondering, I'm 33. Been there, done that. I do still listen to Rap, and HAVE purchased the Method Man & REDMAN CD. It's off the hook too. Keep writing those beautiful lyrics and show Black people how to LOVE one another, again......Rump<P>It was a pleasure listening to your sexy sounds...In my Bedroom!
26806, Now that I have it....
Posted by d_dog, Sun Jan-30-00 10:39 AM
After trekking through snow for 35 minutes and losing a glove to get Voodoo, I have to say it was well worth it. Thank you for an amazing, beautiful album. Now I just need some girl I can seduce with it....<img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif">.<P>D<P>"Kenny G ain't got no soul, John Coltrane is Rock and Roll" - Mos Def<P>"On the Mic I move the crowd like Big Pun stagediving" - Tash
26807, Musical Inspiration!!!!!
Posted by guest, Sun Jan-30-00 11:44 AM
You are the best, most fantastic, wonderful musician of our generation. My cousin and I were talking and we agreed that you, prince and stevie wonder could do no wrong in our eyes when it comes to music. Your CD is baad. That thang is on point. I stood in line at Iverson Mall in Maryland for 8 hours just so I could be the first one to see you. Well, I was but was so nervous that I was at a lost for words. I wanted to hug you and just tell you how your music inspires my writing and my music. I read in Sister2Sister magazine that Prince use to be your inspirations, well Lord willing if I ever blow up, you will definately be put down as one of mine. You keep it real at all times when the others feel they have to front or fake and let money run their life. You are not like that and that's what I love about you. Okay, I'm gonna end the letter now but just so you know, i plan to see you when you come to town for your concert in March, I'm claiming it, I'm getting front row seats and back stage passes, so we will see each other again and I'll be sure to let you know all my feelings then. Keep On Keepin'On!!<P>Love Always,<P>Meredith Forbes<P>
26808, Its been five years...
Posted by guest, Sun Jan-30-00 11:57 AM
...but yo, it was worth it. Listening to this album is like coming home. You can feel every song on the album. You dug deep D, and we love what you found. Thanks.
26809, D' angelo
Posted by guest, Sun Jan-30-00 04:44 PM
this cd is so mavelous and sexy and raw! i'am in love with this man's voice! fan from the first cd I'll be a great fan for life! thank you D'angelo for sharing your precious gift.
26810, Voodoo is beautiful but, now I'm addicted
Posted by Mbutterfly, Sun Jan-30-00 06:45 PM
"He touched me in places with his music that your father couldn't find with his hands"- Sophia Petrillo, The Golden Girls
26811, It's a work of art. Peace
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-31-00 05:37 AM
peace.<P>I gave my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough.<BR>James Ingram-Just once<P><BR>I gave you earth lessons, I came to YOU as a blessing. You didn't do the knowledge that the god was manifesting.<BR>Wildflower-Ghostface Killer<P><BR>The sun envied her radiance, the stars envied the way her eyes sparkled, the angels envied her grace and beauty. God himself even marveled at the divine creature he created when he saw her.<BR>Me
26812, thank you immensely n/m
Posted by MicheleQJ, Mon Jan-31-00 06:47 AM
"Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love.<BR>I like to work, read, learn, and understand life." - Langston Hughes "Theme for English B"
26813, You're very welcome!!
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-31-00 08:44 AM
Thank you for singing and writing beautiful lyrics. Thank you for sharing your God-given musical talent. Thank you for allowing others to dream of a better place. Thank you for being REAL in an industry where there are some many fakes. Thank you for Untitled, One Mo Gin, Send It On, Africa, Feel Like Makin Love (these are my favorites) and while I'm at it, THANK YOU for Cruisin (my ultimate favorite). It takes me to my D'Zone everytime. Keep that spirit flowing. Much luv and peace from me to you. You definitely deserve it. CONGRATULATIONS D'ANGELO!
26814, Thank you D
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-31-00 09:06 AM
D you are soul brother number one in my book. Thank you for staying true to yourself and taking your time with this album because I am absorbing every bit of it with immearsurable pleasure. You keep makin it ...I'll keep takin it.<P> Monique
26815, 800,000 units!!!
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-31-00 09:27 AM
Brotha, when you ship 800,000 your FIRST WEEK and sell 100,000 the first DAY after 5 YEARS,(got folks talkin' about the best album of the year ALREADY!!) there is NO doubt that your gift of music is intensely sublime.....<P>"Eat from the tree of life and throw away the verbal ham"<BR>-'Show Business'/A Tribe Called Quest <BR>
26816, WOW!
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-31-00 10:06 AM
Just wanted to say WOW to you, your body & your album. The infamous video for "Untitled(How Does it Feel)", that is driving these women (including me) crazy, is actually a beautiful song. The video is a stroke of genius and not too many artists look like that and can pull that off, YOU, on the other hand, MASTERED THE ART! (Your body is a WORK OF ART) <BR>I am loving the song ONE MO'GIN, I think everyone feels that one about someone. <P>E-mail me back....................................!<P>
26817, a blessing!
Posted by KD, Mon Jan-31-00 10:23 AM
d, you've definitely blessed our generation with some sh*t that we can school our kids on...our peeps listened to marvin, curtis, earth-wind-fire and numerous other cats that have influenced us...but NOW, i have a disc that i can say is one of the finest joints to EVER come out and it was released by an artist of my generation...and believe me, it ranks with the best of them...THE LINE!...sick son!...just sick!...i went back to read quests' reveiw and saw that y'all finished the track in '98...'98?...it's 2000 and i'm afraid to hear what you've got in store for the next joint...one love!
26818, I Love It All
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-31-00 03:10 PM
Hey D and everyone else out there! I just want to say that I love Voodoo, it is great. I love the quote D'Angelo posted about recognizing his old CD brown sugar. It is so true. I bought it when it came out and at first i didnt like it. I put it away for a while and one day i found it. I wondered why i didnt recognize how tight it was. I still listen to that CD about once a week and it is one of my all time favorite CDs. And Voodoo is quickly becoming another. Thanks for puttin this stuff out D. Keep doin what your doin.<BR>Dustin
26819, From Home
Posted by guest, Mon Jan-31-00 09:44 PM
Hey D'<BR> <BR> This new album was well worth the wait(and a long wait it was).That's okay though,we all know you were going through same thangs & on a mission to find yourself. I must say you teased us for a minute with the snow & all...& I know n@!gas was mad too...I know I was.I slid to the store and the damn place was closed!!Anyway this joint done worked some black magic on my ears,I WANNA THANK YOU for coming up with this sh!#!. " Send It On" was a beautiful piece for your son(you must b proud) ,"Feel Like Makin Love" just lifted my spirits,& "Untitled" is probably gonna be contributing to a lot of babies being made! We are proud of you here in Richmond,boy!!They pumpin your sh!# on the Boulevard(Highland Park,baby).<BR>Keep on doing what you're doing & take it 2 the next level(again).<BR> Much love from home,<BR> Sweepie
26820, THancKs
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-01-00 05:36 AM
I want to say a thing but i'm very bad in english. if anybody speak french call me
26821, i wanted to be 100
Posted by Mindstorm, Tue Feb-01-00 08:28 PM
this post had 99 responses, so why not make it 100. anyway i must say all the anticipation and disappointments along the way have been settled within me. i had my copy 30 minutes after midnite on tuesday and i've been hooked ever since. thanks are in order to you d for lacing this business with a pure, heartfelt, intelligent and simply sultry vision.<P>peace...cyd<BR>"nothin ya'll spittin'is interesting, you're not Black Thought or the next best thing"<P>"hip hop is a way of life, it's a mindstate, a spirit, a force that is brought about even if you don't rhyme"<BR>-Busta Rhymes<BR>
26822, To the Untouchable 1......
Posted by Africa, Wed Feb-02-00 07:30 AM
-D'Angelo-<P>You had us waiting 5 long years! But I'm not <BR>mad atcha. I am sure you already know this but..... Voodoo is off the hook!<P>Much Love, <P> -Africa-
26823, Damn, All Late....
Posted by Lady_Finesse, Wed Feb-02-00 11:24 AM
Damn, I need to read more in the okayartist board, anyways Voodoo gets played constently in the CD player!!!It was worth the wait, peace...<P><P>"If your house ain't in order, you ain't in order" - Toni Cade <BR>
26824, many praises and one question....
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-02-00 08:28 PM
I must commend you on an album that will stand the test of time. This album I think will be put up there with the greats...as you are an artist true unto that name you hold so well. I was a little worried at first that this album would be a disapointment, but it is far from it! It is phenomenal! nothing repeated all true artist's art! <P>So the one question that I ask all artist's of african desent: Do you plan to do a Canadian tour? (and not just toronto, vancouver and that's it. I mean across canada tour fr east to west?) This I know is a challange and to some artist's it's all bout the dinero but honestly if you are as true to your music then why not be true to ALL of your fans north and south of the north american border?!?! Please I ask you to consider this, if you do it would mean more than anything in this world to see a great and constantly evolving artist in canada. <P>Much Luv and respect<BR>from the one that smiles in canada =o)
26825, thank you
Posted by guest, Thu Feb-03-00 10:55 AM
D,<P>You are amazing. Granted it took awhile for the CD to drop, but VOODOO is well worth the wait. This is a masterpiece. I'm FEELIN Playa, Playa. It kinda reminds me of some Ohio Players/Parliment Funkadelics. <P>Much love and respect.<P>A.
26826, shit damn mother.....(beep)!
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-04-00 07:58 PM
Hey D and those dreamin eyes of yours,<P>I finally got your new shit and like I thought it was worth the wait!<P>It wasnt what i expected but better, something i could never have hoped for. It is obvious youve grown as an artist.<P>Like ive asked u before please, please, please come to amsterdam to give a show, i really want to see u perform Brown Sugar and Voodoo.<P>By the way i really liked that story you wrote for the booklet of the CD, it was funny and i got to understand u better (so u like Hamlet, huh). And its nice to know i can stiil call the artist Prince.<P>Anyway ill see u in Amsterdam as soon as possible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>Much Love..<P>Samira<P>
26827, D'Angelo
Posted by sweetness, Sat Feb-05-00 02:17 PM
D'angelo you are more than welcome for all the support but there is no need for thanks it is us who should be thanking you for sharing your talent with us and especially sharing the Untitled video. You know you look good... This right here is your #1 fan and future wife so send me a message. I'll be 21 on the 19th of this month and read that you are single. I want to know how it feels and need someone to treat me right.<P>Love Always,<BR>Sweetness a.k.a Brown Sugar 21<BR>
26828, Eric B. For President !!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by disorganized, Sat Feb-05-00 06:53 PM
Hell yeah!!!!!!!<P><BR>clocking in for the night shift,<BR>Dis.
26829, Genius
Posted by guest, Sun Feb-06-00 06:48 PM
Voodoo is pure genius. It was well worth the wait. Mastery takes time and D, you sure took your time. But I am all the more thankful for it. The music, lyrics, melody, non-linear flow, unpredictable breakdown of beats... nothing short of genius. D'Angelo, Jimi, Marvin... yes, brotha... yes...
26830, it was beautiful
Posted by guest, Sun Feb-06-00 07:04 PM
<BR> This is kind of late, but better late than never. I don't have any fancy words or anything else to say, but Voodoo was awesome.<P>"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education" - Mark Twain<P>
26831, D'angelo does have a Guestbook.....
Posted by Quez, Sun Feb-06-00 07:05 PM
You people are buggin out, is anyone actually reading this?<P><BR>Sheldon Mar"Quez" Rankin<BR><a href="http://www.sheldon.bored.org" target="_blank">http://www.sheldon.bored.org<;/a><P>"oh lawd Quez is here, okayplayer will never be the same" ---- some wise man<P>"The truth is, my crew is, the smoothest spitters of saliva juices like The Roots is, More Organic than acoustics" ---- Talib Kweli<BR>
26832, Thanks D'Angelo for message...in the music.
Posted by guest, Sun Feb-06-00 07:41 PM
I listening to ya D' as I type this message. I'm lovin...The Root, Africa, Devil's Pie, Untitled, Send It On...took a minute for me to begin the catch the vibe you were sending out. I played the CD for my 76 year old Dad...said you sound just like Prince (The Artist--hard to teach an old dog new tricks)...my sister said all the songs had the same beat...then I put on my head sets on and well you know...you put that voodoo on me. On a more serious note...keep up the good work! I love the CD and can't wait till you light up Cincinnati. I know your schedule is busy but take as much time as you can and play on the floor with the kids.<BR>Much Luv and God Bless!
Posted by guest, Sun Feb-06-00 08:18 PM
Man for real, D'Angelo is not one of the best, better yet the best Male artist. It's like all of the song are as Lauren Hill says "Telling my life with his words"! At random any of his song seem to represent portions, events or, relationships in my life. Like "One Mo Gin" tells the story of Me and my ex-girlfriend. Though we aren't together, i'd just love to kiss her, and be inside her, "One Mo Gin". Sorry if i got a little explicit, there. But hey like D'angelo does it, things have to be said like they are meant. The thruth is the raw thruth. That is another thing i'd like to thank D'Angelo for, he took the bullsh*tting out of life, love and sex. fEMALES OFTEN GET MAD WHEN I LET THE KNOW THE RAW THRUTH. BUT HEY IF I DON'T TELL IT WHO WILL? If you're going to do something, be "Bout It". BUT HEY THATS IT <BR> <BR> THAT TERRIBLY HONEST DUDE <P> BABY D'ANGELO -AKA- PRETTY JEFF<BR>
26834, Congratulations D
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-07-00 12:44 PM
Well D'Angelo all I have to say about your cd is TIGHT. I love every song on there. I really think you did a great job on it. Keep up the good work.<P>KEKE
26835, the D'angelo in-store
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-07-00 07:13 PM
I'm the news director at WKYS in DC...and part of the nationally syndicated Russ Parr Morning show. I was on the site to check out the How Does it Feel video yet again and I came across the instore video. I must say, I'm very impressed. You all should have more behind the scenes footage like that. I wasn't able to make it to the instore that D'angelo did at Iverson Mall in the DC area, so I was glad to get a taste of what I missed. As an industry insider and a D'Angelo fan, I can't wait to see more videos like this on D'Angelo especially, but on other artists as well. Keep up the good work.<P>Melanie Hunter
26836, U
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-07-00 08:39 PM
Thank u 4 existing! U, so deep, sweet, chocolate treat!! Keep bringin' it! Peace & Chicken Grease!
26837, It's that vibe we all wait for
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-07-00 08:41 PM
It's that sound that lifts us and takes up back in the day<BR>Instantly you hear the words your mother use to say<BR>You'll remember the block parties and the first nig who touched your heart<BR>And remise on those things that kept us all so far apart...<P>Your music is uplifting and inspirational and Lord it touches the soul<P>You have that gift...that special gift...that I recall from stories I've been told...<P>Keep doing what you do.. and we will keep supporting you daddy.. Luv is Luv<P>Qadiriyyah
26838, your welcome
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-07-00 09:49 PM
just playin...Thank You for your music. The album is great and I can't wait to see you on tour but are u sure your ready for the okayplayers in the front row(just ask Tariq..he'll explain)<P>peace,<BR>netbomber<P>"I don't drink and drive cause I might spill my drink"-Tash
26839, I'm Rooted!
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-08-00 10:11 AM
How come you gotta put a "root" on a sistah?...I ain't been the same since I opened the CD...<P>I thank you for being such a gentleman and signing my shirt at Virgin Rec. in NY and I really did want to get my slow dance on with you but I'll save it for the concert..I'll be somewhere in the first rows with another rose for ya.<P>I love your beautiful talented ass!
26840, Hey, I will be the 122nd...
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-08-00 12:53 PM
<BR>person to reply to this post...do I get a prize?<BR>tee hee hee<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<P>me: Groupie?<P> I got my own damb fan club! <P>"Rap is outta control...." -EPMD circa 1992<P>"Uphold your Righteous Name<BR>Skip the fame and f*ck the games<BR>Develop and maintain a sense of awareness without being careless...<BR>A nappy-head warrior such as myself is fearless and ready to expose those<BR>who walk around with their spiritual sides all closed..." -me circa 1995
26841, .....Did Eye win?
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-08-00 12:57 PM
Do you want to be the 122nd person to reply to D's post?"<P> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR> "Hey I don't care if Jesus is the opening act...it's too effin cold to go to the concert..."<BR> -Raina <P><P>"Rap is outta control...." -EPMD circa 1992<P>"Uphold your Righteous Name<BR>Skip the fame and f*ck the games<BR>Develop and maintain a sense of awareness without being careless...<BR>A nappy-head warrior such as myself is fearless and ready to expose those<BR>who walk around with their spiritual sides all closed..." -me circa 1995
26842, damn....
Posted by KDfromWestP, Tue Feb-08-00 01:01 PM
and here I was trying to do it the right way...I knew I should've posted twice....oh well, considering I didn't get the album yet (my girl's gettin it 4 me 4 V-day), it's all good.....congratulations player, you win a brand new, limited edition, piece of lint!!!!! <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P><BR>________________________________________<BR>"Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong" -Dennis Miller<P>***proud member of T.O.P.A.*** <P>KD215877 on AOL/Compuserve<P>Where will YOU be Memorial Day Weekend???<BR><a href="http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Stands/7507/reunion2.html" target="_blank">http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Stands/7507/reunion2.html<;/a>
26843, actually...
Posted by MicheleQJ, Tue Feb-08-00 01:03 PM
KD wins in my book...kind of like that "the millennium really starts in 2001" thing<P>d's post was #1, so the 123 post is the 122nd reply...eh? lol<P><BR>"Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love.<BR>I like to work, read, learn, and understand life." - Langston Hughes "Theme for English B"
26844, ergh
Posted by MicheleQJ, Tue Feb-08-00 01:26 PM
---see now thats why i dont post much...wasnt even right --at least i get to go home now...<P>"Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love.<BR>I like to work, read, learn, and understand life." - Langston Hughes "Theme for English B"
26845, ~~~~....~~~~
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-08-00 01:09 PM
Stepping up to the podium...<P>"Thank you thank you!!! I will cherish this piece of lint, just like I cherish the rest of them with my broke arse...."<P>Nah for real though... that's all I was expecting anyway...but, maybe...hmmm...how about some of that wack Whoopi Goldberg "Flooz"?<P><BR>"Rap is outta control...." -EPMD circa 1992<P>"Uphold your Righteous Name<BR>Skip the fame and f*ck the games<BR>Develop and maintain a sense of awareness without being careless...<BR>A nappy-head warrior such as myself is fearless and ready to expose those<BR>who walk around with their spiritual sides all closed..." -me circa 1995
26846, yes, you win...
Posted by DJ_scratch_N_sniff, Tue Feb-08-00 04:26 PM
you win KD's piece of lint. KD, you were out of line. We all know it was MY award to give out, but i was just in the bathroom thinking to myself "Hmmm. I should check and see who #122 is and then get KDfromWestP, not to be confused with KDthaIlladelphAssasson, to give the winner a piece of lint."<P>I don't know how you were thinking the same thing. Some cosmic ish. It must be part of God's plan.
26847, Eric B. For..............
Posted by disorganized, Wed Feb-09-00 03:25 AM
Damn, damn, damn, I'm late for the party as usual. I really really wanted to be 122 & I was here when it was 120, then got sidetracked! <P>Sniffle!<BR>Dis.<BR>
26848, disorganized gets honorable mention
Posted by DJ_scratch_N_sniff, Wed Feb-09-00 12:18 PM
consolation prize is some of KD's bellybutton lint
26849, I won a prize! I won a prize!!
Posted by disorganized, Wed Feb-09-00 02:31 PM
I won a freakin' prize!!!! Yeeeeeeeeowwww!!!!<P>Helllllllllllllll Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!<P>I guess whining, does work. Thanks!!<P><BR>clocking in for the night shift,<BR>Dis.
26850, thank you
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-08-00 06:03 PM
no we should be thanking you. u are truly blessed with talent and very personable and it was an honor to finally meet you. it is nice to see that you have not let the industry ruin you. i look forward to hearing more good things from you. please keep ur style thanks for holdin down the soul. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i know u will be celebrating on the 11th. may you have many more ;)<BR>
26851, Two syllables "Dayuum"
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-09-00 01:28 AM
D, all I have to say is thank you for inspiring me for the past 5 years. When you first came out with "Brown Sugar" in '95, I was like,"sheeit this is exactly what I've waiting for." I grew up listining to Stevie, Hatthaway and other shit like that and thought there is no way anyone could ever sound the way they did. This is true, but like them you are leaving behind a legacy. Your music appeals to those who crave for that true artistic flavour. It's also for those who just wanta let their spine unwind...thanx, D. Maybe we'll be chillin in the studio together composing some of that real Soooul Muzak one day. Till then PEACE2000
26852, Two syllables "Dayuum"
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-09-00 01:34 AM
D, all I have to say is thank you for inspiring me for the past 5 years. When you first came out with "Brown Sugar" in '95, I was like,"sheeit this is exactly what I've waiting for." I grew up listining to Stevie, Hatthaway and other shit like that and thought there is no way anyone could ever sound the way they did. This is true, but like them you are leaving behind a legacy. Your music appeals to those who crave for that true artistic flavour. It's also for those who just wanta let their spine unwind...thanx, D. Maybe we'll be chillin in the studio together composing some of that real Soooul Muzak one day. Till then PEACE2000
26853, I'm all touched & stuff...... *sniff*
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-09-00 06:10 AM
D, <P>Even though I WAS getting madd impatient for Voodoo to drop, I must say that it was worth waiting for -- though I don't know how much of that was influenced my seeing you bucket nekkid in the Untitled video *LOL*-- On the real, the album is wonderful, and you should be proud of it, no matter how long it took.....<BR>I can't wait to see you on tour!!!!!! God Bless....<BR>*missmo*
26854, peace
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-09-00 08:45 AM
You're a quiet trip and that's what I love about you. Thanks for improving on the silence.
26855, D's Tour
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-09-00 10:12 AM
Hi Family,<BR>I am a 47 year old black female that KNOWS D'angelo is the best thang that has happened to<BR>woman since make-up. This young man has it going<BR>on (no I am not too old for him). Anyway, his lips ar luscious and round. His cornrows reminds<BR>me of he way my sweet mother kept my hair when I<BR>was a teenager and I knew I was fine. His <BR>physique and poise is masculine and graceful. His<BR>screams can wake up the dead. My inner thoughts<BR>of him are exuberant and he fulfills my every need. "Please come on home to me. Yeah, yeah, <BR>yeahhhhhhh!!!"<BR>PLEASE TOUR OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA. THE WOMAN<BR>OF OKC NEED HIM!!!!!!!!!1<P><BR>
26856, Going Crazy
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-09-00 12:40 PM
I call myself relying on the internet to bring my long awaited for Voodoo cd! It has been over eight days now even though it was shipped priority! They said they would send another order out they better hurry cause I'm getting impatient! The drive to the store is calling my name!D'angelo where in the hell are you baby??????
26857, Happy Belated D'
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-09-00 12:52 PM
Fellow Aquarian JUST celebrated his birthday. In case it's a secret I just happened to get a hold of, I'd like to say many happy returns to you. Glad you were born Michael D'Angelo Archer...and with a whole lotta soul at that! =)<P>Peace and continued spiritual growth and success.
26858, belated?
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-11-00 04:06 PM
Isn't it today the 11th of Feb?
26859, here's one mo
Posted by asighn4jane, Wed Feb-09-00 06:45 PM
it tingles my synapses to find brothers who make music reflecting righteous shit frum their lives...and still remember their thank yous...<BR>thank u brother<P><P> -me jane.<P><P><P><BR>~theHIghestKoUp ~ blk sunshiine<P>"because marvin died the day before his birth is why i hurry"...jessica care moore<BR>
26860, one mo' thanks..
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-09-00 08:48 PM
For being a radiant star in God's vast universe and for giving us what I know is more than a lifetime's worth of the wealth in talent and artistry that God has blessed you with. May you continue to strive for the very best -- we are all too eager to support you.<P>God bless you and yours...<P>deejaydub
26861, its aight
Posted by guest, Thu Feb-10-00 07:41 AM
i finally purchased the d'angelo cd.. i like it alright and i will probably like his third album when it is released in 2005.........somewhere in a galazy far far away
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-11-00 06:19 AM
D'Angelo,<P>I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Voodoo was surely worth the wait. I can't wait to see you in concert next month!! May God Bless all that you do. <P>Your #1 Fan,<P>TGirl
26863, Signing in NYC-I'm in the video
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-11-00 07:42 AM
I just got a chance to check out the video for the signing at the Virgin Megastore in NYC and I am the first fan to speak! I did a plug for okayplayer cuz that's where it all started.<P>Anyway, I just wanted to thank D'Angelo for being such a gentleman and other co-fans for being so cool. I made good friends with the people I was in line with.<P>Thank you D'Angelo for signing my CD and looking into my eyes and asking me what I wanted you to write...If all men were as considerate...<P>Tess
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-11-00 04:05 PM
Happy Birthday Mr.Archer,much love to ya.<BR>Peace and Blessings<BR>AP aka Honey<BR>
26865, ehh....what the hey
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-11-00 04:47 PM
I don't want to be the only okayplayer to not post under here...well...D...everybody's basically summed it up for me...you and your crew made a beautiful piece here...and I'm glad to see that when i look back 30 years from now...I'll be able to say that there was some good music from my day...thanks D/?uest/james/EVERYBODY...peas<P>"Webster's don't know jack" me<BR>"CARROTS" me<BR>"The system is screwed" me
26866, D'
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-12-00 04:28 AM
dear friend D and the rest of okayplayers:<P>i'm a new log on okayplayer, so please understand i don't really know how to do this kinda thing.<P>here goes a little long tale about me and d'angelo. hope U comprehend and not get upset by the lenght of this message, please.<P>i've just bought and listened 4 the first time "voodoo". i live in madrid (spain), so u should figure out i've had a hard time looking 4 it at the few import record stores.<P>everything happens 4 a reason, so they say, so i B-lieve. i got my disc-man headphones on, and this brings me back in time; again to B-lieve i what i said above about "everything".<P>my girlfriend, mnica, bought this 4 me as a pre-sent last christmas. and certainly it has brought me a lotta pre-sents!<P>last july, i was in NY 4 my summer holy-dayz. i happen 2 b a great friend of O >'s music. sure everything happens 4 a reason! while in NY i found out that he was performing an aftershow at the "life" club after the "yahoo!" awards. sure i couldn't B-lieve it!<P>while in-side the club i came near 2 some1 dressed all in white who looked so familiar 2 me. after i passed by and by him a couple of times, i couldn't B-lieve my eyes: it was D'Angelo!!! this took me back in time in a mind trip of my own.<P>the moment i listened 2 d's first album. who introduced me 2 his music being a poor white guy in such a difficult place for sould music lovers as spain is? well, easy: one of O >'s interviews.<P>what do i like about D'? well, same as why i like O >, maxwell, etc. S-O-U-L music... what d's music mean 4 me? it rocks my soul. as the "voodoo" booklet says, his music has the best of the past in-side the pre-sent and future. these dayz the world is in-need of a rebirth of the soul. soul singers have found their place again commercially (not that they were outta r lifes).<P>it's not just that d's music i like, not; it's that it makes me learn and makes me grow up spiritually. i've began my own spiritual journey 5 years ago, trying 2 reach 4 my higher-self.<P>this goes back 2 the recent past at the life club in NY. why do i B-lieve in? GOD, LOVE, mankind's brodas and sistas, friends... i was so afraid 2 aproach D' that i finally gave up. plus he was around beautiful women... so i thought he wouldn't B interested in a white spanish guy telling him a tale about how much i like his music; he's probably tired of that same line. i was so afraid of upsetting him, i don't wanna worship either. what d's music means 4 me is more than 'nuff. he's so aware of how moving his music is 4 his friends (i don't like "fan" from sort of "fanatic").<P>so now if i may have the chance that D reads this i wanna tell him i'm sorry 4 not saying hi! 2 him and shake hands. thank U 4 the music, U r a very inspirational person and artist 4 so many, unique in ur own way; that is: Ur inspirations and Urself, my friend. 1derful is a so beautiful word 4 Ur soul, d.<P>dear okayplayers friends out there: please 4-give me if i upset U with this 2 long tale. at least i'd like that U c it as an inspirational and fony tale from just a friend out there...<P>thank U 4 listening...
26867, Thank You!
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-12-00 06:09 AM
Thank you for the wonderful music you have created. This is only the second CD I can listen to all the time without having to skip a song. (The first on was Brown Sugar) Oh, and thank you for that video to Untitled. My nights are much better when I watch that video before I go to bed!!! Much continued success to you, many blessings to you, your family, and friends, and keep blessing us with your talent!<P>Tracee
26868, The VIDEO!
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-12-00 01:48 PM
I thank you over and over again for the wonderful video for "Untitled." My best friend and I were in the Bahamas this past week, and saw the video 5 times in two days! You are definitely the MAN and I want to just thank you for the wonderful album and video. Can't wait for you to come to Detroit!
26869, new single
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-12-00 01:50 PM
spanish joint
26870, you're welcome sexy
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-12-00 10:04 PM
its not hard to support such a brilliant artist...i definitely cannot wait until you tour chi-town...i will be there
26871, Thank us? No, THANK YOU?
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-14-00 01:52 PM
D'Angelo,<BR> I cannot say I have EVER written to an artist, but I had to drop you a line. Brown Sugar was off the hook, But VOODOO?....Brother, you have work "The Root" on me! Thank you for being true to your originality, style and for being a real musician and not one of those who use the most popular formula that's out. Please know that your fans do know the difference between REAL instruments than just a drum track and a sampler.<BR> From "Playa Playa" to "Africa" you take us on a journey that we just don't want to return from. Again all I can say is Thank You! The wait was long, but it was so worth the wait. Friday morning I will be on that line waiting for my tickets to see you in concert.<P>Happy Valentines Day! Congrats on the new baby, may she and your son be as blessed as you.
26872, The CD
Posted by Kawahnda, Mon Feb-14-00 02:54 PM
Namaste': (May the divinity in me salute the divinity in you)<BR>D, thank you so much for finally releasing your CD! I was about to smack the sh-- out of the sales clerk at Sam Goody. He took too much pride in telling me in November that I had to wait. The Cd is da bomb. The Spanish Joint is going to be my theme this year. Spiritual housekeeping has been in full effect for almost two years. This was just the boost I needed to keep on goin! I can't wait to see you on tour in NYC!!! I just pray to God that I can get a ticket!?!<BR>Well until then, take care of the creative mind and beautiful soul.<P>Peace and Blessings,<BR>Kawahnda
26873, IM THE 156st POST, D'ANGELO YOU ROCK MAN!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-14-00 11:44 PM
HoMeBrO SaYs wishes that D'angelo would refrain from making any more vidoes, with him without his clothes. <P>It sell records though, I guess I would do it too,<BR>Mad props for making a true R and B record without the bullshit.<P><P><P>
26874, D'Angelo
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-15-00 04:43 AM
In the last age the general level of music has been sliding slowly into a lower level. Thank you for making an exception and keeping the statistics from falling as a rock!<BR>I hope you have any clue how much your music is appreciated also on the other side of the world, espesially here in Amsterdam. Would there be any chance you make it over to Amsterdam in the near future?<BR>www.onis.nl
26875, I can't wait 2 see U on tour, either!
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-15-00 08:35 AM
Because after listening to this record over and over and over, I'm thinking, "this is really gonna sound good live"! I can tell you made this album specifically to be played live. Tix go onsale this Thursday, I will definately be in line! Thanx for a great album, and a great video as well!!! <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><P><BR>"All I have to do is think about you and I can have an orgasm" - Prince
26876, dope music.
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-15-00 12:37 PM
D, thank you. I'm one of those jaded hiphop heads that considers R&B to be "Rhytm & Bullshit," but artists like yourself, the jazzyfatnasties, and a few others are the brilliant stand-outs that beg for new categories to be created - our existing classifications don't do justice.<P>By the way...one of my peeps has a theory about that "Untitled" video...was someone "blessing the mic" while you were standing there singing? Come on, man, the people want to know...you did look mad relaxed...
26877, i know i'm gushing buttttt
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-15-00 02:58 PM
you sir, are the the culmination of american music history. all greatness stems from tradition, all art based on the notion of repetition with variation. all we can ever hope to be is just slightly more than the sum of our parts. i'm thrilled at last that someone is taking the wheel just in time to avoid that drop off of doom, cultural abyss. if i have see one more black man shoving money into the camera's face, show off one more rolex, bmw, fur coat, silver tooth, or pit bull dog, i'm gonna go postal!!!<P>your adherance to quality, artistry, and conscience is remeniscent of musical stalwarts like miles davis, james brown, and marvin gaye. thank you for saving us all, and hopefully, shaking prince out of the self-indulgent stupor he seems to be unable to shake off; the implied challenge in "voodoo" may be the just what the artist we all still call prince needed, a wake-up call to his own redemption.<P>thanks again for that hoo doo that you do so well.
26878, Best Valentine's gift...
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-15-00 06:55 PM
Your VooDoo c.d. was the best thing I got on V-Day. I was so excited about getting it. I listen to number 12 about 50 times a day. I love that song. Well I agree with a lot of things you writen in your music. You seem like a down to earth brotha and I hope you have much sucess on your album. I hope to meet you soon.<BR>Love Alwayz,<BR>Kasey aka Pure PaSSiOn*
26879, no, thank you
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-16-00 03:47 AM
D, I'd just like to thank you for giving us an alternative to hip-hop and quasi-R&B. Your accomplishments are altogether refreshing and nothing short of brilliant. Be safe and God Bless!!!
26880, the tour...
Posted by shitbrown, Wed Feb-16-00 06:40 AM
I have seen the Toronto date at Massy Hall...<BR>just wondering about the other bands and if they'll be joining you<P><P><P><BR>$***.** ain't worth your soul-com<BR>if knowledge be the key then show me the<BR>locks-q-tip
26881, U got it...
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-16-00 09:09 AM
Now that I'm here I don't know what to say. Be it anyone on the street with a word about "D'Angelo" and I'm off a mile a minute! Don't wanna ask general questions that I can find answers to on your website (or elsewhere). Can't believe I'm at a loss for words! Anyway - I guess if I met you in person and had only one chance to ask one question it'd be: "Let me take you out to dinner?" Nah, I'm just playin':) I guess what I want to know you couldn't answer. There's just something ahout your music, (like, L.Hill) that gets in me. Makes me want to know you. Not love you or be with you - all that "i'm your best fan" sh*t. Just to know you. To see just how much of me (that I see in your music) is really in you. But...as it usually goes...I'll never meet you (even though you're from where I'm from -VA) so I'll keep listening. Take good care of yourself...
26882, Tour
Posted by guest, Wed Feb-16-00 05:46 PM
I'm very pleased to hear of the long anticipated tour,but I hate that you are not coming to Memphis("M""TOWN), so I will just travel to see you in Nashville,Tn 2 hours away drive with much love for you. One question, when are the tickets for the Nashvill,Tn concert in April going on sale?
26883, I love you D'Angelo!!!!
Posted by guest, Thu Feb-17-00 06:15 AM
Hello D'Angelo. I just want to say that your new album is the bomb. It wakes me up in the morning and puts me to sleep at night. Your work is an inspiration to all who hear it. I would give anything to meet you. When are you coming to southern Ohio? I need to know so that I can get front row tickets. Keep doin what you are doin. Love ya much!
26884, Tour In Dc
Posted by guest, Thu Feb-17-00 02:14 PM
I can't wait until March 25th so I can see D'Angelo in concert in Dc. The first night tickets were sold out so fast I never thought I would get seats. Then they went on sale again @ 2 and my friend went to the ticket master and guess what ?<P>WE GOT 2ND ROW SEATS IN THE CENTER!!!!!!<BR>So D I will be looking foward to seeing you up close and personal.
26885, Roots
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-18-00 09:47 AM
This should definitely be the next single. The beat-the whole concept of the song. Hopefully I'll be able to see it in person in NY March 18th.
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-18-00 01:45 PM
d'Angelo,<P><BR> I think you are fabulous...can't wait to see you in Toronto at Massey Hall!!! How do I get backstage passes? I know that question may never be answered But I had to ask. My girlfriends and I are dying to see you! Particularly ME!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!<P>J.<BR>
26887, You
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-18-00 10:30 PM
Hello D'Angelo. I know you have heard it all. You're fine, goodlooking, etc... I won't tell you that I love you because I don't know you personally. That's not why I am writing to you. I can say that I am very intrigued by your intelligence. The way you feel about your music. It is so deep. I am glad that there is someone out there (in our generation) that actually cares how their "art" is displayed. You are obviously not just in it for the money. I have read all of your interviews and you really have a, how can I say it..,way of getting your point across. Everyone that I have talk to, about you, thinks that you are just another hood.. I don't get that when I read your articles. It was like reading a good book. So I would like to say "no thank you" for all the time you took to put Voodoo together. It is masterful....
26888, Concert Here???
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-18-00 10:34 PM
in continuation to my last entry.. Are you coming to Hawaii?? Please.....
26889, It's not like ya'll carry ya'll ass to Arkansas...
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-19-00 05:09 AM
But I still bought the album, I wanted to say despite the things surrounding your new album, and the Southern Rap sympathizers (?) we have here, we still enjoy good music. Whenever you and the Roots decide to slide though, expect a full house (in a small stadium, hey we just got professional NBA teams to play here!) Do your thing.
Posted by guest, Sun Feb-20-00 10:19 AM
Very few tend to appreciate an artist such as you. The last time I heard so much hoopla over a man standing up for his craft was when Dirty Mind was released and critics still didn't take Prince serious for years to come. I want to thank you for allowing me to see the colors of the rainbow. Your music soothes and stirs a passion which lingers into the abyss of my soul and carries me through the day wanting, wanting, and never being totally satisfied. There's no cure for the continuous spell you cast with just a lyric, a hum, a note. No, you cannot satisfy my appetite without giving me you (or a taste!). I thank you, Mr. Archer from the bottom of my heart.
26891, To D'Angelo
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-21-00 01:49 AM
Just wanted to say that I am enjoying your album loads, even better that Brown Sugar if that is possible. Please come to London for a concert.<P>roxy
26892, touring
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-21-00 09:58 AM
26893, D'Angelo is beautiful!!!
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-22-00 07:45 AM
All I know is, he is a very intelligent and unique human being and his album is definetely off the hook. If I ever got to meet him I would be happy for the rest of my life~ I can honestly say that!!
26894, dangelo
Posted by guest, Tue Feb-22-00 05:24 PM
DAngelo, I just wanted to let you know that I loved Brown Sugar and now I loving "VooDoo". I can't wait to see you on tour, see ya in the big ATL. smile MESHA
26895, Much love back at ya D!
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-25-00 01:48 PM
<BR>Thank you for the new beats! I take you to bed with me every night, somehow your voice just makes my heart and soul open up, and brings me the peace that I am searching for. Would love to catch you in concert, but I live in Canada, so trying to get to you in the U.S. for this tour. Might have to let the images and your voice make do. <P>You are truly blessed, keep up the much appreciated work! Peace and love, Janice
26896, Concert in HotAtlanta
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-28-00 12:27 PM
Can't wait to see "D" on March 13th.<P>Hello DeAngelo,<P>I am from Atlanta and the fans here are so happy that you are scheduled to perform on March 13th & 14th. My 2 girlfriends and I were not able to get front row seats and that is okay. We are just happy to have our "face in the place". Your are a "brotha" that has really been bless and I just want to thank you for sharing your gifts' with us. I just simple adore this new CD. Don't make us wait like this again. This CD helps me relax at night after a hard day. I can't get enough of it. <P>Thank you for being you. Keeping it real.<P>Counting down the days,<P>Angela<BR>in Atlanta