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Topic subjectMy Favorites, No Doubt!
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26715, My Favorites, No Doubt!
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-28-00 10:30 AM
My favorite Common Jams<P>1) Sum Shit I wrote<P>2) Real Nigga Quotes<P>3) Respiration (W/ Black Star)<P>4) I Used to Love Her<P>5) 1-9-9-9<P>"I leave no optical footprint within sight of the sands of time so it's impossible to follow me." --Pharoahe Monch<P>"Do you think I'm gonna grab the mic and waste my nation's time?" -- KRS-ONE<P>"I cut the head off the devil and I throw it at you" --DMC<P>"Too many MCs just don't know what they be talkin about, they should retire get the complimentary watch and be out." --Talib Kweli<P>"I ain't fraid of no ghost!" --Ray Parker Jr.