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26714, too many to list
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-28-00 10:25 AM
The track which introduced me to common is still probably my favorite. "Invocation" from one day itll al make sense is the one that got me hooked on the comm. The beat is ridiculous. So mellow, and the lyrics are pure common, they shine and work on so many levels. This is the track that convinced me to buy all his cd's.<P>Another great is "This is me" off of ressurection. A great beat, stellar lyrics, more evidence that common is the man.<P>Finally, does common ever have a weak callabo? 1-9-9-9, The Truth, Respiration, and Universe at War just to name a few are all fouly good. I don't know, it seems like he has never blessed a less than dope track with his flow. Skills or something else? Whatever.<P>Tons of other comm joints that i'm a huge fan of but i wont list. Everyone who owns a comm cd has at least 5-6 "favorites" on each one so they are without a doubt solid buys. With Comm you jsut cant go wrong.