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Topic subjectfav common joints
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26710, fav common joints
Posted by guest, Mon Feb-28-00 07:04 AM
<BR>1. I used to love h.e.r.: Dopeness. The lyrics are amazing. TO hear common explaining hiphop's growth from the beginning and his personal experiences with the culture metaphorically in the form of a woman makes this the dopest conceptual song ever.<P>2. Retrospect 4 life: Song that holds deep personal meaning to common and many other people, including myself. <P>3. THe Bizness: (dela soul f/ common): PUt my fav group, dela, (no offense roots =/.) and my fav emcee on the same track. This song could've been recorded on "fisher prices my first tape recorder" with a jiggy 80's remake from duran duran and i still would've loved it.<P>4: Stolen Moment pt I, II, III: Just a dope story...although sequencing is effed up.<P>5. Watermelons: Dont ask me why. I just like hearing that dood say "watermelons" over and over.<P>Peace<P>"I'm not a human being all into that spiritual ish, i'ma spiritual being manifested as a human thats it" kweli<P>"i make ya eat ya words then ish the whole dictionary" mr. man