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26709, Classic Material. . .
Posted by guest, Sun Feb-27-00 09:06 PM
I'm starting to feel that most of anything Common spits should be considered classic. . .he has to be one of the illest lyricists of all time.<P>Anyway. . .some of my favorites include:<P>I Used To Love H.E.R.<BR>Love Of My Life (I Used to. . .Pt. II)<BR>Resurrection (Extra P. Remix)<BR>Sixth Sense (The Mellow Version is so ill. . .)<BR>Hungry<BR>His verse on "Any Given Sunday"<BR>Soul By Da Pound<BR>Etcetera. . .<P><BR>~Footnote<BR>a.k.a Halo<P>_____________________________________<P>"Let the truth be told/<BR>from young souls that become old/<BR>from days spent in the jungle/<BR>where must one go/to find it?/<BR>time is real we can't rewind it/<BR>out of everybody I met/who told the truth?/<BR>time did. . ."<BR>-Common