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Topic subjectDVS Com Faves
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26707, DVS Com Faves
Posted by DivineVersatile, Sat Feb-26-00 07:41 PM
Communism- I'm so glad I wasn't the only one floored by this one.<BR>Take it EZ- Back when Com was on them "PI-PI-PI-PI" sounds. This one introduced me to Com.<BR>Rollin'- You really have to be from Chicago to feel this one<BR>Act Too (The Love of My Life)- Hip Hop Anthem for 1999.<BR>Can-I-Bus- The elusive B-Side that shows Common snappin, spittin raw fury. If someone knows where I can find this in Real Audio or otherwise...hit me up.<P>The Infamous DVSJ<P>"I loves Harpo....lawd knows I do....but I'll KILL HIM DEAD...'fo I let him beat me"<-- Sophia from A COLOR PURPLE<BR>