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Topic subjectMy choice
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26704, My choice
Posted by guest, Sun Feb-20-00 06:26 PM
<BR>This question is so hard! However, if I have to choose a couple there it goes.<P>1) - I use to love her- The concept is just so ill and i doubt that anybody could've done a better job than Com describing Hip Hop's changes.<P>2) _ Hungry- Pure lyricism- I walk the night in rhymin armor bombin niggas like a winter coat/ had em on death Row searchin for an interscope/ and that's not even the half of it<P>3)Ressurection- Common once again with sick lyrics spittin the illest flow on a dope beat<P>Once a burglar broke into my crib and I robbed him- Big L (R.I.P.)<P>F.A.T.B.A.N.<P>Peace!