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26694, Off the top...
Posted by Kemp, Sat Feb-19-00 10:03 AM
1)Respiration<BR>2)I Used to love h.e.r.<BR>3)Stolen Moment series<BR>4)Ressurection<BR>5)Invocation<BR>6)Tha Bizness(Introduced me to Common)<BR>7)Invocation/1,2 Many<BR>8)My Life<BR>9)Communism/Hungry<BR>10)Retrospect for life/Like They Used to say<P>honorable mention: 6th Sense, Love of my life, Nuthin' to do and thisisme<BR>This mark asked me if I know his cousin Jimbo/n!??@ I don't even know myself!-Com-mon,"That's my mufucka!"<P>Supercalafragilisticespealidocious/<BR>Dociousespealifragilisticcalasuper!-<BR>Ghostface Killah<P>Never disrespecting these women cause I love my mama!-Talib Kweli<P>He ain't talking cause I got mind power on him!-Some crazy cat I used to play ball with<P>