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Topic subjectI think my favorite shit is
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26692, I think my favorite shit is
Posted by atruhead, Sat Feb-19-00 08:53 AM
Like they used to say- thats pure hip-hop education for you.<P>Also<P>Bitch in yoo<BR>Real Nigga Quotes<BR>1 2 many<BR>the stolen moments series<BR>Communism<P>These are the standouts to me, but almost all of his shit since resurrection has been equally bangin (yes even that dj skribbles track)<P><P><BR>"Intellectual property I got the title and the deed, I pay rent with the tears and sweat and what I bleed"- Talib Kweli<P>"You got hamburger beef I'll french fry ya cause drag done ate your food"- Drag-On