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26690, Fav Common Track
Posted by NeonAfroMonkFromBrooklyn, Sat Feb-19-00 06:42 AM
Yo, i know doing posts about, "what's you least fav Roots joint", etc aren't the most interesting, but I was interested in some of your favorite Common joints...the tracks can be either just from Common or a song on somebody else's album featuring the Common-ator (or Commonzilla, if you like that one better)<P>1) "Resurrection" (f/Resurrection) The beat is real laid-back, and it opens up the album nicely. There's no hook, just Common rappin' over a NO ID beat. FAV LINE: "I'm Nestle when it's Crunch-time<BR> For your mind like one time<BR> If poetry was pussy I'd be sunshine<BR> cause I deliver like the Sun-Times"<P>2) "6th Sense" (f/Like Water...")Primo and Common, a match made in heaven. To be honest with you, I like this track better than Mos and Premier's "Mathematics". Commonzilla drops insightful lyrics, but he never sounds too preachy (like GURU does). This is the 4th song I've heard off his fourth album, and it's by far his best. <P>3) "Communism" (f/Resurrecton) Again, no hook, a beautiful beat, and Common dropping witty rhymes ("Like an entrepeneur, that stepped in maneur"). And the Common's best talent, especally on Resurrection, was that he never made the songs too long. Communsim only has about a minute and a half of lyrics, so you never get sick of it.<P>4) "Love Of My Life" w/The Roots. (f/Things Fall Apart) I like to think of this as "I Used To Love H.E.R 2". Black Thought and Common trade off rhymes over a glorious Roots beat. "How she was desperately seekin to Organize in a Konfusion/<BR>Usin, no protection, told H.E.R. on Resurrection/<BR>Caught in the Hype Williams, and lost H.E.R. direction" <P> Ok, well those are my 4, lookin' forward to hearing yours....<P><BR>"Not strong/Only aggressive/Not free<BR>We only licensed/ Not compassioniate, only polite/ Now who the nicest?<BR>Not good but well behaved/Chasin after death so we can call ourselves brave?<BR>Still livin like mental slaves/ Hidin like thieves in the night from life<BR>Illusions of oasis makin you look twice<BR>/Hidin like thieves in the night from life/ Illusions of oasis makin you look twice<P> -Mos Def and Talib Kweli "Theives in the Night"<P>