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26688, look . . .
Posted by el_rey, Tue Feb-29-00 04:05 AM
>But its obvious that artists nowadays dont <BR>>mind compromising the quality of an <BR>>album for higher sales... <P>If you read ?uestlove's interview on D's page and/or any other interviews you hear about the making of that album, you would know that the foul-mouthed ish you hear in that song was put there for reasons other than simply to boost record sales. He put it there because it made sense to him! I mean, the damn thing took 100 years to come up with, and it seems that each song was painstakingly gone over to find the perfect blend of sounds and rhythms . . . so for whatever reason, D thought that Left & Right needed that ish right where it was. If he didn't want it there, it wouldn't be there/<P>Personally, I don't much like the rapping on that joint either, but I respect D's creative integrity for putting it out there. If it bothers you so much, I suggest just vibin' off the amazing drum track on that song.<P><BR>love and respect,<BR>El Rey<P>"I prefer to speak of the impossible, because we already know too much about what is possible" Silvio Rodriguez<P>"If our profanity offends you, look around you and see how destructively society is profaning itself. It is the rape of the land, the pollution of the environment, the betrayal and suffering of the masses by corrupt government that is the real obscenity." - MOVE statement<P>FREE MUMIA!<BR>www.mumia.org<P>FREE THE MOVE 9!<P>FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS!<P>FREE YOUR SELF!<BR>www.freeyourself.com<P>"Get free y'all, get free!" - Digable Planets<P>"Get Free" - The Artist<P>