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Topic subjectI sorta feel u.
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26684, I sorta feel u.
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-26-00 05:30 AM
I think that meth & red were out of place when u look at the album as a whole. But I've been so exposed to them rippin' those rhymes and especially on that song (I think that song was released b4 Untitled). So I got used to it. But I'm got tight after I found out that Q-tip was originally on "Left & Right." He definately would have been a better guest rapper and less abrasive.<BR>Also, he could have just plain left the rapping out and used meth and red for a remix. <P>I saw a post that quest put in response to this saying there were other songs? "Pussy", "Bitch", and "Suck my Soul..." what? What in the hell is wrong with you cats,.............I know those songs were/are bomb they need to be released some time in the future (like quicksand milennium, Hint, Hiiiiiinnnntttt!!!!).<P><BR> <BR>"I'm feelin' like my soul is empty" D'Angelo<P>"It's all about the artistry, baby."