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Topic subjectno me gusta
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26683, no me gusta
Posted by guest, Fri Feb-25-00 10:58 PM
I like L&R, but not at all feeling Meth/Redman's raps. I'm not offended or prudish, they just don't fit in well with the song. Short anecdote: I brought my copy of Voodoo in for store play (mom and pop record store in Arizona) and while I was playing it, Voodoo was selling and selling. Then my boss happened to be around and heard the "set yr pussy on fire" and LSS, now I can't play my copy of Voodoo and we've sold like 3 Voodoos in a week. I ordered an edited version of Voodoo for store play and it's on backorder and meantime assholes are buying fucking Sisqo. Gotdammit! <P>"I tell my body to obey my soul, and thus I never tire"-Nikos Kazantzakis