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Topic subjectagreed, but not to the same extreme.
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26680, agreed, but not to the same extreme.
Posted by m, Mon Feb-21-00 01:00 PM
buy the cd single for l&r, and burn a new cd, replacing the l&r (no rap) with the one on the explicit version.<P>if you don't have a burner, then program it to skip past it until then...<P>enjoy <img src="http://www.okayplayer.com/dcforum/Images/happy.gif"><BR>m.<BR>---<BR><a href="http://www.dvdtracker.com/~m" target="_blank">http://www.dvdtracker.com/~m<;/a><P>Hey ?uest... if you have a dvd player, a documentary on the creation of Steely Dan's "Aja" is coming out on mar21st... Something tells me you feel the title track...