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Topic subjectdamn right.
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26678, damn right.
Posted by cbk, Mon Feb-21-00 12:08 PM
it seems like all the soft, r&b fans are the only ones who have a problem with this. who says it was a stupid mistake? or a mistake at all? i hope he makes these "mistakes" more often cause the shit is funky and dirty.<P>i agree with TinkyWinky. voodoo wasn't made for anyone but those who were on it. if you don't like it, press fast forward and SHUT THE FUCK UP. THE SONG IS ALREADY ON THE ALBUM!!! QUIT BITCHING. d'angelo talks about how the process of making the record was about evolution, or LEARNING. and i think he learned that many of the people who listen to his music are one dimensional and close-minded. and if he made voodoo only made to satisfy fans, it would have been brown sugar pt. II. <P>...and if you thought the song was vulgar, listen to prince (and i say again, "i sincerely want to fuck the taste out of your mouth" -- let's pretend we're married).