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Posted by guest, Sun Feb-20-00 08:55 PM
>>D'Angelo did a stupid mistake, by having Method Man and Redman guest rap on "Left and Right".>><P>We've had this discussion. Mayeb it is archive. Definitely check ?uest's review of "Voodoo" and see Left & Right. <P>>>Does anyone think he'll make this stupid mistake twice, and have filthy raps on a muscially superior album?>><P>Interesting question. But I think calling it a 'stupid mistake' is too harsh. It was an honest mistake. D was trying to do a track that the fellas would respect and he made a questionable judgement call. I would call it a bad call since I skip L&R everytime I play "Voodoo". But you have to expect that he will make mistakes and that he will grow from them. Respect that he may not grow in the way that we would have him grow, however.<P><BR>>>Meth and Red hurt "Voodoo's" sales if anything.>><P>Not sure I really agree with that although they probably didn't bolster the sales too much.<BR> <BR>>>It's like I'm vibing with my lady, and these jokers come on and screw the mood that I'm having.>><BR>True, true. <P>>>In fact, I heard that that was why Lauryn wasn't on "Feel Like Makin' Love".>><P>Fiction. Is THIS discussion archived? <P>>>I feel it would have sold double what it sold(321,000 copies) in it's first week, if D'Angelo just did the song solo>><BR>Okay, this is just an overestimation, exaggeration, and a very convenient one since it did not go down that way.<P>>>cos all generations feel his muisc>><BR>With Redman and Meth or not, this is not rated-G ish. No, it is not vulgar. But it is sexual, has cursing, and neither my grandmother nor little cousins will be listening to most of it. It is an adult album. And need we mention "Shit, Damn, Muthafucka" off of Brownsugar? D is no saint. Not that he needs to be.<P>>>but just those raps, HURT "Voodoo's" sales immensely in the Long Run. Don't Do this Shit again D, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!>><P>I don't think people are in the streets going, "Yeah, I hold that joint is tight, but one track ain't kosher." Some people may doubt his integrity with the song but even for them I think it will be a forgivable 'sin'. His artistry shines through no matter what. <BR>And given the state of popular rap today, I would not say that there is a huge segment of the public that is repulsed by women being portrayed in derogatory ways. If anything hurt his sales right now it is this: Voodoo is not a BrownSugar remake. It shouldn't be! But many people just cannot grow with an artist and D'Angelo requires that. Ultimately, though, he is a far richer creator for it. And I think this album will still have longevity. <BR> <P><P><P><P><P><P><P>Okaylurker no longer.<BR>Sig coming soon...