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Topic subjectRe: D'Angelo's Stupid Mistake(will it happen again)?
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26668, Re: D'Angelo's Stupid Mistake(will it happen again)?
Posted by guest, Sun Feb-20-00 04:55 PM
<P> I've listened to "Voodoo", and I must say that it is by the far the greatest SOUL album in years. But I have to voice my opinion. D'Angelo did a stupid mistake, by having Method Man and Redman guest rap on "Left and Right". I mean come on, the whole mood is so positive, and lyrics are amazing "Left a dirty stain on my heart, I can't refute", from "The Root", and when Mr. Charlie Hunter does that backwards bits with the guitar, I get chills down my spine.<BR>"Left and Right"'s raps totally hurt "Voodoo" musically and spiritually. Does anyone think he'll make this stupid mistake twice, and have filthy raps on a muscially superior album? Meth and Red hurt "Voodoo's" sales if anything. It's like I'm vibing with my lady, and these jokers come on and screw the mood that I'm having. I'm begging that D'Angelo doesn't have any Horrible mouthed Rappers on the album. In fact, I heard that that was why Lauryn wasn't on "Feel Like Makin' Love". Please if anyone knows D, or sees him, tell him I don't care what he does with the sound, because he's the musicain, but shit, I'm the receptor and I don't want disrespectful lyrics towards women on a D'Angelo album. I would appreciate all thoughts on this matter, as I feel it would have sold double what it sold(321,000 copies) in it's first week, if D'Angelo just did the song solo, cos all generations feel his muisc, but just those raps, HURT "Voodoo's" sales immensely in the Long Run. Don't Do this Shit again D, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!