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Topic subjectRE: LWFC - 4.5 mics from HipHopSite
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25748, RE: LWFC - 4.5 mics from HipHopSite
Posted by guest, Sat Apr-01-00 02:35 PM
HipHopSite usually SUCKS with their reviews. They gave both Mos and Dre 5 mics, and as much as I loved Mos's album, that was NOT a 5 mic album. I can't remember any off top, but they've given 5 mics out to some pretty average albums in the past and recently. Also, they never understand anything. Read the Common review, and they don't understand "A Film Called Pimp" at all. They did the same thing to Mos's review with "New World Water."

So anyway, HipHopSite really sucks, review-wise. So yeah, in a way, they are the new Source.