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Topic subjectI'd Go 4.5, But Not 5
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25745, I'd Go 4.5, But Not 5
Posted by bshelly, Fri Mar-31-00 08:28 PM
Five implies perfection. To be perfect implies every song fits together into a whole that's greater than the parts. LWFC is so close, but "The Questions" kill it. I don't like the beat, and the concept is like Tribe's "What?" but done really half-assedly. One song can keep you from perfection.

But damn...everything else...I've had it for four days and every day I've put a different track on repeat. Tuesday was "The Light," Wednesday was "Funky for You," Thursday "A Song for Assata," and all day today has been "Thelonious." Keep in mind, this is addition into listening to the album all the way through at least twice. Damn, Ima never trust an internet bootleg again, because the mastering did SO much this album


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