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Topic subjectAin't Nothing Wrong With 4 Mics
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25744, Ain't Nothing Wrong With 4 Mics
Posted by dafriquan, Fri Mar-31-00 05:43 PM
That is of course before you juxtapose it with the flurry of 4.5s they've been handing out. The Source seems to choose when to be realistic. This is just one of those moments.
Yes its all politics. They felt guilty of robbing Outkast of 5 mics on ATLIENS so they gave 'em 5 on Aquemini even though it had one or two medium cuts on it. Similarly they feel guilty about Com's past 3.5s so they up this one to a 4. Maybe by next album they'll realise how tight "One Day..." was and give Com's fifth a 5.
RATINGS don't meant that much but I still buy those stupid magazines(especially for the unsigned hype and underground sections). If you took away ratings mags would be better. Have a written review and let the reader rate it.

enoungh rambling. you want mics buy five page ads in the source...

"These words may not be used against me in a court of law"
Buy two copies of Common's latest, Like Water For Chocolate. One to Listen to and the other one to auction on e-bay in mint condition twenty years from now for about $1000.00!