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Topic subjectRE: 5 mics from the Source: for the record
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25738, RE: 5 mics from the Source: for the record
Posted by Dreadmedia, Fri Mar-31-00 06:15 AM
It might just be me but is it possible that thi sisnt the most un biased placeto discuss lwfc rating

My opinion thoug is that alot of tim ethe source is more poltical then anything and it gives out ratings based on the tide of whats going on in Hip hop at the time and who they "like" so i dont really take there ratoings seriously because OutKast iand Common in my mind have beed deserved recognition for their work but it seems like Source is playing its "progersive Hip Hop Card" now because its time I dont understand how they miss out on calling Black on Both Sides a Classic they are tottaly asleep at the wheel