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Topic subjectRE: 5 mics from the Source: for the record
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25737, RE: 5 mics from the Source: for the record
Posted by guest, Fri Mar-31-00 04:57 AM
Seriously, the 5 mic-rating doesn`t mean much to me, though some classics have got it. The point is that they don`t respect truly revolutionary material (ain`t saying LWFC was that) more than any other mag including all the teen shit. They don`t recognise classic shit, `cos they concentrate mainly on money and sex. It`s not the music only, `cos it`s commercial shit, it`s not hard core shit! If it was, Puffy wouldn`t cop all these "toughest in this n that" prizes. Hottest producer? Shit. Not even Primo. They should pay more atention to what`s going on in hip hop all round the world and not just give spect to the b-boy shit. Like Kool Keith put it, there`s hot shit lying around outside NYC, and these bitches don`t even wanna have a fucking clue.

Rambling again, but hey, just don`t let it be your bible. Know what you like.

btw, what did the Roots get for WTFA?