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Topic subject5 mics from the Source: for the record
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25735, 5 mics from the Source: for the record
Posted by LiquidDope, Thu Mar-30-00 10:41 PM
"Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em"
"Amerikkka's Most Wanted"
"One For All"
"People's Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm"
"De La Soul Is Dead"
"The Low End Theory"
"Life After Death"

In my opinion, the only clear cut choice for being over-rated was Biggie. Yeah, Biggie had reached his prime on this album. But nothing with Puff on it deserves anything higher than 3 1/2. I also feel that "Aquemini" wasn't Outkast's best album, and they got a 5 on that one to make up for only getting 4.5 on their 1st two albums, more than anything else. But I still felt it was a classic. To those who are mad that Common only got a four on this LP, peep this. If you remember a couple years back, the Source released it's 100th issue. In that issue, they had a list of what they thought the 100 greatest albums ever were. In that list, more than half of the albums listed had originally received 3.5 mics or less from the Source when they first came out (and that list included "Resurrection"). It just goes to show you that the Source wouldn't truly know what classic material was if it came out of their ass. And YES, they do sell mics. How do you think Made Men got a 4.5 AND the Hip Hop Quoteable when they came out? Because Dave Mays, the editor of the Source, is the group's manager. 4 mics means nothing.

Liquid Dope

"all I need is 26 letters and 16 bars" - AG