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Topic subjectRE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
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25734, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by xangeluvr, Thu Mar-30-00 08:40 PM
Sheeeeiiittt, i'm just happy that they even have Common in the Source let alone give him 4 mics. seems like all they have nowadays is the cash money crew or the ruff ryders. before that it was puff and no limit or some other shit like that. man, imagine if he had gotten the cover though. i swear i would have died a happy man if that happened!

and for those that say that his lyrics are "watered down" i just have one thing to say: listen to it more. granted i noticed that there are less punchlines too, but that in no way means the lyrics are watered down. common definitely still has the amazing gift of putting words together. and the concepts of the songs and the way he can make you visualize...WHOOO! he is DA MAN! NO DOUBT!

anyway, 4 mics i am happy, no wait, i am content with. i mean at least the four mic rating will get his name out to those people that still believe in and read the Source. N/M

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