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Topic subjectRE: I disagree but I'm not outraged...
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25732, RE: I disagree but I'm not outraged...
Posted by guest, Fri Mar-31-00 03:39 AM

Shouldn't be surprised by COmmon only getting 4 mics, after all it is the Source. I mean the same people who gave aceyalone "book of human language" 2.5 mics cause they said it didn't have enough commercially viable singles. Common probably did get screwed. They've been giving 4.5 mics for like 10 issues straight. And including that whole Made Men fiasco its kind of hard to actually believe the source is unbiased in its rating. Yet, the mics remain a big topic of conversation. U can say u dont care as much as you want, but truthfully the source is the most read hiphop publication out there (i think?) After it influences what people think. So we'll always have a topic of discussion. I talk ish bout the source, xxl, blaze all the time, yet i turn around and buy their mags, cant explain why (i sound like common). I think its just cause i need somethin to read while i'm on the toilet