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Topic subjectRE: I disagree but I'm not outraged...
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25730, RE: I disagree but I'm not outraged...
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-30-00 08:34 PM
>As for 5 mic albums that
>didn't deserve it, off the
>top of my head I'm
>thinking of Life After Death.
> Definitely NOT a 5
>mic album.

Says who? It's the last (official) great work of one of the greatest rappers of all time. And it's the blueprint of how to blend commercial, grimy, storytelling, and battle raps into an album. THE SOURCE admits that in many events, 4.5 mic albums are better than 5's, but the former don't receive Classic Status because they are not revolutionary enough. LIFE AFTER DEATH changed the way many rappers approached their albums; he's the first to popularize the Bone-type flow among non-Bone-type flow rappers, and he's one of the first to sing on a track. Sure, there's filler material, but it's a milestone nonetheless. At least that's how the Source justifies it.

I can't
>remember what all the Source's
>5 mic albums are.
>Illmatic, Follow the Leader, what

Life after Death, Amerikka's Most Wanted, One for All, Aquemini, Tribe's first two joints, De La Soul is Dead, and (arguably) Edutainment.