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Topic subjectI disagree but I'm not outraged...
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25729, I disagree but I'm not outraged...
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-30-00 07:43 PM
I disagree with the 4 mic rating. I believe LWFC is a 4.5 mic album. (It's lyrically a 5, but some repetitive production and a questionable guest appearance by Slum Village pull it down out of the 5 mic stratosphere, IMO). But what is half a mic? I'm not nearly as upset about LWFC getting 4 mics then I was when I saw Ressurection got 3.5 mics. Or One Day. Those ratings pissed me off.

As for 5 mic albums that didn't deserve it, off the top of my head I'm thinking of Life After Death. Definitely NOT a 5 mic album. I can't remember what all the Source's 5 mic albums are. Illmatic, Follow the Leader, what else?

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