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25725, Com's lyrics...
Posted by spirit, Fri Mar-31-00 05:26 PM
As long as he's on a major label, I don't think we'll hear Com as lyrically intricate on "ressurrection". there were punchlines on there that I was still catching *months* after I purchased it (one didn't strike me till 97).

basically, Com's focus now seems to be writing solid songs. "a song for assata" was an excellent exercise in songwriting. i admire that as much as triple meaning lines, and it takes as much skill.

IMO, com wasn't as good a songwriter on "resurrection" as he is now ("i used to love h.e.r. excluded)...his topical songs, to me, are better written post-resurrection (see "retrospect for life", 'geto heaven', '...assata', the stolen moments series ).

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