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Topic subjectRE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
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25719, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-30-00 05:35 PM
One could ponder that it's due to a 4 1/2 mic frenzy that they were in the past couple of months (Hot Boys, Beanie, Made Men, Black Rob, Dre, Ghost). Maybe they just don't wanna devalue such a high rating by giving it to everybody (deserving or not), and Com had to suffer for it.

At least he got 4; all his others got 3 1/2.

To be honest, though, I think 4 is straight. I'm on the side of those who feel the Soulquarian sound on here is too repetitive (albeit dope for the most part). And Com's lyrics actually seem watered down to me since "one day..." (my second favorite album ever).

Take it easy.