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Topic subjectRE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
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25718, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by dafriquan, Thu Mar-30-00 05:34 PM

>How can you Give COmmon only
>4mics but give dumba$$ fools
>5mics who are trash...
>but yo that's cool cuz COMMON
>takes out the trash...
I agree with every thing you say.Mics in the source don't mean anything today anyway.(Especially since there is a correlation b/w the number of ads you put in the source and the number of mics you get)
But I was just wandering which dumb a$$ fool got 5 mics? The 5 mic designations is one of the only things that at least 75% of the heads have agreed on. Some deserving albums did not get five mics but those that got it mostly deserved it.
So I'm just curious to know who the dumb a$$ fool is?
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