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Topic subjectLWFC - 4 mics from the Source
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25716, LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by label_guy, Thu Mar-30-00 03:47 PM
In case you all haven't heard yet, The Source gave Common's LWFC album 4 mics .
Discuss amongst yourselves..........

25717, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by LordLadypharr, Thu Mar-30-00 05:28 PM
>In case you all haven't heard
>yet, The Source gave Common's
>LWFC album 4 mics >whatever its worth].
>Discuss amongst yourselves..........

are the writers for the source on crack???
that's why I don't buy that ish now...
How can you Give COmmon only 4mics but give dumba$$ fools 5mics who are trash...
but yo that's cool cuz COMMON takes out the trash...

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25718, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by dafriquan, Thu Mar-30-00 05:34 PM

>How can you Give COmmon only
>4mics but give dumba$$ fools
>5mics who are trash...
>but yo that's cool cuz COMMON
>takes out the trash...
I agree with every thing you say.Mics in the source don't mean anything today anyway.(Especially since there is a correlation b/w the number of ads you put in the source and the number of mics you get)
But I was just wandering which dumb a$$ fool got 5 mics? The 5 mic designations is one of the only things that at least 75% of the heads have agreed on. Some deserving albums did not get five mics but those that got it mostly deserved it.
So I'm just curious to know who the dumb a$$ fool is?
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25719, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-30-00 05:35 PM
One could ponder that it's due to a 4 1/2 mic frenzy that they were in the past couple of months (Hot Boys, Beanie, Made Men, Black Rob, Dre, Ghost). Maybe they just don't wanna devalue such a high rating by giving it to everybody (deserving or not), and Com had to suffer for it.

At least he got 4; all his others got 3 1/2.

To be honest, though, I think 4 is straight. I'm on the side of those who feel the Soulquarian sound on here is too repetitive (albeit dope for the most part). And Com's lyrics actually seem watered down to me since "one day..." (my second favorite album ever).

Take it easy.
25720, Im sick of this shit
Posted by Kev, Thu Mar-30-00 05:55 PM
It's actually the first time that Com breaks the 3.5 mics barrier.I think LWFC is better than any of those albums who were awarded 4.5 mics in the past months.I know the rating wont affect the way we feel,but it would have been nice to see Com get 5.

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25721, RE: Im sick of this shit
Posted by guest, Sat Apr-01-00 05:26 PM
whatever Richter. If it's a five in your book, then why not try applying for a spot with the Source. They'll hire you in a flash.

25722, *cringes at watered down remark*
Posted by NSZ, Thu Mar-30-00 06:15 PM
No doubt he has a lot less punchlines.. but more watered down? I think you need to listen to it a few more times...
25723, RE: *cringes at watered down remark*
Posted by guest, Sat Apr-01-00 05:30 PM
Don't bother. I did that for you already. Still does nothing for me. Hey at least the shirt's phat huh?

25724, nah, listen again
Posted by res1, Fri Mar-31-00 03:53 AM
I'll admit that I'm one of the few who wasn't crazy about the album at first, but I gotta say common came with the lyrics, no matter how you feel about the production. Listen again and you'll see.
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25725, Com's lyrics...
Posted by spirit, Fri Mar-31-00 05:26 PM
As long as he's on a major label, I don't think we'll hear Com as lyrically intricate on "ressurrection". there were punchlines on there that I was still catching *months* after I purchased it (one didn't strike me till 97).

basically, Com's focus now seems to be writing solid songs. "a song for assata" was an excellent exercise in songwriting. i admire that as much as triple meaning lines, and it takes as much skill.

IMO, com wasn't as good a songwriter on "resurrection" as he is now ("i used to love h.e.r. excluded)...his topical songs, to me, are better written post-resurrection (see "retrospect for life", 'geto heaven', '...assata', the stolen moments series ).

Spread love,


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25726, 3 1/2 jiggies from Rolling Stone
Posted by DJ_scratch_N_sniff, Thu Mar-30-00 05:32 PM
who gives a eff what the mags say.

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25727, RE: 3 1/2 jiggies from Rolling Stone
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-30-00 05:36 PM
>who gives a eff what the
>mags say.

I'm sure if he got a perfect score you guys would be hooping and hollering and shitting your collective pants.

Take it easy.
25728, 4 mics.
Posted by jose3030, Thu Mar-30-00 06:11 PM

I'm so glad at least he got some sort of respect in the Source. We all know who the real "Source" is, but at least, it gives him an outlet to the mainstream, and let some of those who have "no culture" (Copyright, Dove., 1999), get some bacteria. :)

Dope. The way the songs were positioned in the playlist was a work of genius as well. Flowed very well.

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25729, I disagree but I'm not outraged...
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-30-00 07:43 PM
I disagree with the 4 mic rating. I believe LWFC is a 4.5 mic album. (It's lyrically a 5, but some repetitive production and a questionable guest appearance by Slum Village pull it down out of the 5 mic stratosphere, IMO). But what is half a mic? I'm not nearly as upset about LWFC getting 4 mics then I was when I saw Ressurection got 3.5 mics. Or One Day. Those ratings pissed me off.

As for 5 mic albums that didn't deserve it, off the top of my head I'm thinking of Life After Death. Definitely NOT a 5 mic album. I can't remember what all the Source's 5 mic albums are. Illmatic, Follow the Leader, what else?

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25730, RE: I disagree but I'm not outraged...
Posted by guest, Thu Mar-30-00 08:34 PM
>As for 5 mic albums that
>didn't deserve it, off the
>top of my head I'm
>thinking of Life After Death.
> Definitely NOT a 5
>mic album.

Says who? It's the last (official) great work of one of the greatest rappers of all time. And it's the blueprint of how to blend commercial, grimy, storytelling, and battle raps into an album. THE SOURCE admits that in many events, 4.5 mic albums are better than 5's, but the former don't receive Classic Status because they are not revolutionary enough. LIFE AFTER DEATH changed the way many rappers approached their albums; he's the first to popularize the Bone-type flow among non-Bone-type flow rappers, and he's one of the first to sing on a track. Sure, there's filler material, but it's a milestone nonetheless. At least that's how the Source justifies it.

I can't
>remember what all the Source's
>5 mic albums are.
>Illmatic, Follow the Leader, what

Life after Death, Amerikka's Most Wanted, One for All, Aquemini, Tribe's first two joints, De La Soul is Dead, and (arguably) Edutainment.
25731, I gues marketing does work...
Posted by unohoo, Fri Mar-31-00 10:18 AM
Big is not the greatest of all time, I know it says that on his videos now, but let's get real now. Hell "Life After Death" wasn't even better than "Ready To Die"! But tha's another topic...

Be easy kinfolks...

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25732, RE: I disagree but I'm not outraged...
Posted by guest, Fri Mar-31-00 03:39 AM

Shouldn't be surprised by COmmon only getting 4 mics, after all it is the Source. I mean the same people who gave aceyalone "book of human language" 2.5 mics cause they said it didn't have enough commercially viable singles. Common probably did get screwed. They've been giving 4.5 mics for like 10 issues straight. And including that whole Made Men fiasco its kind of hard to actually believe the source is unbiased in its rating. Yet, the mics remain a big topic of conversation. U can say u dont care as much as you want, but truthfully the source is the most read hiphop publication out there (i think?) After it influences what people think. So we'll always have a topic of discussion. I talk ish bout the source, xxl, blaze all the time, yet i turn around and buy their mags, cant explain why (i sound like common). I think its just cause i need somethin to read while i'm on the toilet
25733, RE: I disagree but I'm not outraged...
Posted by Jay, Fri Mar-31-00 03:42 AM
>I think
>its just cause i need
>somethin to read while i'm
>on the toilet

YEEEEESSSS!!! Excellent executive library... I mean toilet reading material.

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25734, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by xangeluvr, Thu Mar-30-00 08:40 PM
Sheeeeiiittt, i'm just happy that they even have Common in the Source let alone give him 4 mics. seems like all they have nowadays is the cash money crew or the ruff ryders. before that it was puff and no limit or some other shit like that. man, imagine if he had gotten the cover though. i swear i would have died a happy man if that happened!

and for those that say that his lyrics are "watered down" i just have one thing to say: listen to it more. granted i noticed that there are less punchlines too, but that in no way means the lyrics are watered down. common definitely still has the amazing gift of putting words together. and the concepts of the songs and the way he can make you visualize...WHOOO! he is DA MAN! NO DOUBT!

anyway, 4 mics i am happy, no wait, i am content with. i mean at least the four mic rating will get his name out to those people that still believe in and read the Source. N/M

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25735, 5 mics from the Source: for the record
Posted by LiquidDope, Thu Mar-30-00 10:41 PM
"Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em"
"Amerikkka's Most Wanted"
"One For All"
"People's Instinctive Travels and Paths of Rhythm"
"De La Soul Is Dead"
"The Low End Theory"
"Life After Death"

In my opinion, the only clear cut choice for being over-rated was Biggie. Yeah, Biggie had reached his prime on this album. But nothing with Puff on it deserves anything higher than 3 1/2. I also feel that "Aquemini" wasn't Outkast's best album, and they got a 5 on that one to make up for only getting 4.5 on their 1st two albums, more than anything else. But I still felt it was a classic. To those who are mad that Common only got a four on this LP, peep this. If you remember a couple years back, the Source released it's 100th issue. In that issue, they had a list of what they thought the 100 greatest albums ever were. In that list, more than half of the albums listed had originally received 3.5 mics or less from the Source when they first came out (and that list included "Resurrection"). It just goes to show you that the Source wouldn't truly know what classic material was if it came out of their ass. And YES, they do sell mics. How do you think Made Men got a 4.5 AND the Hip Hop Quoteable when they came out? Because Dave Mays, the editor of the Source, is the group's manager. 4 mics means nothing.

Liquid Dope

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25736, RE: 5 mics from the Source: for the record
Posted by guest, Fri Mar-31-00 02:55 AM
THIS my first time but Life After Death is not a classic!ATLIENS GOT 4 MICS FROM THA WACK source!

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But I'm a proven hotY'all know the legendary Roots crew' - BlackThought
25737, RE: 5 mics from the Source: for the record
Posted by guest, Fri Mar-31-00 04:57 AM
Seriously, the 5 mic-rating doesn`t mean much to me, though some classics have got it. The point is that they don`t respect truly revolutionary material (ain`t saying LWFC was that) more than any other mag including all the teen shit. They don`t recognise classic shit, `cos they concentrate mainly on money and sex. It`s not the music only, `cos it`s commercial shit, it`s not hard core shit! If it was, Puffy wouldn`t cop all these "toughest in this n that" prizes. Hottest producer? Shit. Not even Primo. They should pay more atention to what`s going on in hip hop all round the world and not just give spect to the b-boy shit. Like Kool Keith put it, there`s hot shit lying around outside NYC, and these bitches don`t even wanna have a fucking clue.

Rambling again, but hey, just don`t let it be your bible. Know what you like.

btw, what did the Roots get for WTFA?

25738, RE: 5 mics from the Source: for the record
Posted by Dreadmedia, Fri Mar-31-00 06:15 AM
It might just be me but is it possible that thi sisnt the most un biased placeto discuss lwfc rating

My opinion thoug is that alot of tim ethe source is more poltical then anything and it gives out ratings based on the tide of whats going on in Hip hop at the time and who they "like" so i dont really take there ratoings seriously because OutKast iand Common in my mind have beed deserved recognition for their work but it seems like Source is playing its "progersive Hip Hop Card" now because its time I dont understand how they miss out on calling Black on Both Sides a Classic they are tottaly asleep at the wheel
25739, who cares
Posted by yosh, Fri Mar-31-00 06:30 AM
what the source thinks? i mean we all would have felt good for com if he got 5 mics, but does anyone really take their ratings seriously? i mean cmon now, especially after the made men debacle? i mean if the source isnt going to rate "Do You Want More" worth of 5 mics, don't except LWFC to garner any more than 4! and in my opinion, 4 mics is about right for com's new joint. it is a great album, but classic status? cmon now, it aint even anywhere near "Ressurection".
25740, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by genesis, Fri Mar-31-00 09:29 AM
>In case you all haven't heard
>yet, The Source gave Common's
>LWFC album 4 mics >whatever its worth].
>Discuss amongst yourselves..........

fuck the source. quit buying that shit!!!!

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25741, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by guest, Fri Mar-31-00 01:34 PM
Just so you know, a bunch of the classic albums that the Source gave 5 mics to, didn't recieve 5 mics until years later.

Just something to think on...
25742, That is just fantastic....
Posted by SkipGotSkills, Fri Mar-31-00 02:02 PM
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25743, Midnight Marauders got 4 mics n/m
Posted by guest, Fri Mar-31-00 04:21 PM

somebody: Vee, if you dont make it as a producer, do you have a back-up plan?

me: no, cause i dont plan on backing up...

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25744, Ain't Nothing Wrong With 4 Mics
Posted by dafriquan, Fri Mar-31-00 05:43 PM
That is of course before you juxtapose it with the flurry of 4.5s they've been handing out. The Source seems to choose when to be realistic. This is just one of those moments.
Yes its all politics. They felt guilty of robbing Outkast of 5 mics on ATLIENS so they gave 'em 5 on Aquemini even though it had one or two medium cuts on it. Similarly they feel guilty about Com's past 3.5s so they up this one to a 4. Maybe by next album they'll realise how tight "One Day..." was and give Com's fifth a 5.
RATINGS don't meant that much but I still buy those stupid magazines(especially for the unsigned hype and underground sections). If you took away ratings mags would be better. Have a written review and let the reader rate it.

enoungh rambling. you want mics buy five page ads in the source...

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25745, I'd Go 4.5, But Not 5
Posted by bshelly, Fri Mar-31-00 08:28 PM
Five implies perfection. To be perfect implies every song fits together into a whole that's greater than the parts. LWFC is so close, but "The Questions" kill it. I don't like the beat, and the concept is like Tribe's "What?" but done really half-assedly. One song can keep you from perfection.

But damn...everything else...I've had it for four days and every day I've put a different track on repeat. Tuesday was "The Light," Wednesday was "Funky for You," Thursday "A Song for Assata," and all day today has been "Thelonious." Keep in mind, this is addition into listening to the album all the way through at least twice. Damn, Ima never trust an internet bootleg again, because the mastering did SO much this album


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25746, Out of 5...
Posted by delsbrothergeorge, Sat Apr-01-00 09:02 AM
I'd probably go 4.5-4.75

I don't think the album was perfect...so that's why I'd stay away from the 5...

IMO...LWFC is Comm's best album...It's the first time that the production nearly overwhelms the lyrics...I was always a fan of the No ID/Dug Inf production (Beatnuts too), but the Soulquarians are just bringin it...There are times when I find myself forgetting that I'm supposed to be paying attention to Comm's voice and I never thought I would ever say that about a Common album

Lyrically, I was impressed w/ the way that Comm made himself more accessible to folks who aren't familiar with him...While I enjoy his ability to create intricate word plays, I understand that it's important to open up to new audiences if he wants to enjoy any of the fruits of his labor...I believe he demonstrated his considerable skills, but put rhymes together that either a kid checking for no limit or an adult who gave up on hip hop after "It Takes a Nation.." would be able to appreciate...

What did I find wrong with it?

Well, I was a bit disappointed in the Pop's Rap...It sounded too prepared and didn't flow as naturally as previous Pop joints did...

I really like Cold Blooded, but after using Black Thought as background on the Stolen Moments from the last album, couldn't we get a joint like "Double Trouble" where Comm and Thought trade rhymes ala Thought and Mos?

I also thought that maybe "Song for Assata" could have used another verse...It is so heartfelt and passionate that it could have taken time to expand the story and add a couple more details...

All in all, Comm and them have produced a classic...Maybe folks don't know it yet, but they will...

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25747, RE: LWFC - 4.5 mics from HipHopSite
Posted by guest, Sat Apr-01-00 12:14 PM
I proclaim HipHopSite as the new SOURCE. Their reviews are more understandable than most publications and webmags. Go Check the review at

25748, RE: LWFC - 4.5 mics from HipHopSite
Posted by guest, Sat Apr-01-00 02:35 PM
HipHopSite usually SUCKS with their reviews. They gave both Mos and Dre 5 mics, and as much as I loved Mos's album, that was NOT a 5 mic album. I can't remember any off top, but they've given 5 mics out to some pretty average albums in the past and recently. Also, they never understand anything. Read the Common review, and they don't understand "A Film Called Pimp" at all. They did the same thing to Mos's review with "New World Water."

So anyway, HipHopSite really sucks, review-wise. So yeah, in a way, they are the new Source.
25749, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by guest, Sat Apr-01-00 05:23 PM
Yipty fckin doo. They also gave the Hot Boys 4 1/2 mics and Aquemeni 5. So? Them reviews don't mean shit to me nowadays. Even if I review it, I would only giv it a 2. 3 wouldn't cut it because that means worth checking out. That would be inaccurate because don't most of us already have an old Roots album. Oh! (pardon the hater playin)

25750, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by guest, Sat Apr-01-00 07:21 PM
Yeah, I believe Common was cheated, deserved at least a 4.5. I also think that dead prez's album was worth more than a 3.5, what do you think?


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25751, RE: LWFC - 4 mics from the Source
Posted by guest, Sun Apr-02-00 04:12 AM
You gotta be objective with this shit, Comīs not your father or son, so don`t give im five just for being himself. If you don`t think he`s really doin his best on the newest, say it aloud and proud. I personally find the back-ups on the new one a bit too dominant, so I wouldn`t give it a 5, I`d give it 4 or even less. But, I`d also rate everything else my way, so my opinions shouldn`t move you much. Read reviews as advertises or announcements, not truths.
25752, Common and The Source....
Posted by 1Mind, Sun Apr-02-00 05:54 AM
Well, I didn't expect anything different, it seems The Source has set 4 mics as the limit to judge an innovative piece of work. I haven't listened to the album enough yet to give it a fair judgment but when Rashid's work is measured next to other questionable releases given near classic status, the rating given by hip-hop's quote-on-quote "official" magazine seems blasphemous. Oh well, leave the reviews to the truly worthy critics, the consumers with open minds and a will to expand.


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