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Topic subjectGET THEM ON ROSIE O'DONNELL!!!!!!
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Posted by Phil, Sun Feb-27-00 05:22 PM
Hey, I think Oprah is a great idea, if you can get them on there, that's great, but good luck. Although stranger things have been known to happen.<P>Personally, I think we should try to get them on the Rosie O'donnell show. You see how she gave props to Macy Gray at the Grammies.....I'm sure if she heard the Jazzies songs she'd be singin it on her show. You saw the way she was singing Santana all the time on her show. And you know how she likes giving people a break. Remember the two guys from who wants to be a millionaire she gave cars? Her generosity is almost unmatched in Hollywood and I think we should try and get Rosie on our side. <P>as pharoahe monche says......GET THE FUCK UP!!!!!! Start sending emails to the rosie show and send some links with the jazzies music...send the url for the real movie for "the wound". Let's go people, let's get this done!!!!<P>Peace,<BR>Phil<P>"Okayplayer.com, first the Web, next, the World!" - Phil copyright 1999<BR>"Phil, You're a Genius" - Kayci Copyright 1999<BR>"I'm not a genius, I just say what other people should be thinking." - Phil Copyright 1999<BR>"Girl, you so chicken, your Grandfather's name is Colonel Sanders" - Phil Copyright 1999<BR>"You must have verbal diarrhea cuz all you do is talk shit." Phil Copyright 1999