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Topic subjectI just emailed Oprah . . .
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25684, I just emailed Oprah . . .
Posted by guest, Sat Feb-19-00 03:52 AM
*Hee, Hee* It was fun!<P>_____________________<BR>**Pauline: Giving good hits since 1997**--Kash2099<P>**Oh, and V.P. don't worry, I peeped your little slide show, you stand out just fine! ---thebrownhornet<P>**I don't discriminate, I just incriminate---Marcus<P>RANDOM CONVO ON AOL:<BR>(With Local Okayplayer Visual, that talented Mickey Fickey!)<BR>EyedolUE: It's funny though, all he listens to is the Hot Boys now<BR>SimpleConundrum: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO, NO!! Not them!!<BR>EyedolUE: Yes<BR>SimpleConundrum: Anyone but them! *Scream* The Horror, the horror!!<BR>EyedolUE: LOL<BR>EyedolUE: I always get him about it like "You put me on to the Roots . . .now look at your CD collection . . .Hotboys, JT Money, No Limit, all this crap"<BR>SimpleConundrum: Well, the HotBoys ARE on Fire<BR>EyedolUE: LOL<BR>EyedolUE: I wish they'd burn out<BR>SimpleConundrum: LMAO<BR>EyedolUE: You know you over there listening to "Hot Girl" right now, trying to front, probably dancing along with the video<BR>SimpleConundrum: Man, HELL NAW!<P>AOL/AIM: SimpleConundrum<BR>ICQ: PaulineVictoria <P><BR>