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Topic subjectRE: I hate to be rude (no I don't)
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25437, RE: I hate to be rude (no I don't)
Posted by guest, Fri Apr-07-00 05:28 AM
how about your leg? ;0D just kidding. I hate to say, that I donīt know a thing about the label, but I just thought Iīd give u a reply!



"I gotta hold, hold on, hold on to my pride"- DÁngelo "The Line"

"Iīm a sure boy with an open heart, down to finish what I start, canīt nobody change my tune"-Rashaan Patterson

"U donīt even know me..."-Armand Van Helden feat. Duane Harden from the song by the same title.

Hvis du er en dansk okayplayer, så er du sku i orden!! evt. mail mig...