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Topic subjectEric (aka 'Baby ?uest')
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25197, Eric (aka 'Baby ?uest')
Posted by wally, Mon Apr-10-00 01:09 PM
what up players...anyway, so i saw eric (?uest's replacement in touring with the Roots while ? is with D) the first nite he started filling in (during Mardi Gras in N.O.)...i could tell that this cat had skills from that first nite...he was on point all nite long, his solo was tight and the show was completely UNREHEARSED!!! when thought announced that to the crowd, i couldnt believe my ears...anyway, from what i've seen on the concert review boards eric has only been getting better and better...apparently, thought has even deemed him 'Baby ?uest'...alright, so my question is if anyone knows anymore about this cat Eric? what other work has he done? anyone have any knowledge about him? also, anyone else who has seem him, dont y'all agree with me about this man's skills...peace y'all