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Topic subjectEric (aka 'Baby ?uest')
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25197, Eric (aka 'Baby ?uest')
Posted by wally, Mon Apr-10-00 01:09 PM
what up players...anyway, so i saw eric (?uest's replacement in touring with the Roots while ? is with D) the first nite he started filling in (during Mardi Gras in N.O.)...i could tell that this cat had skills from that first nite...he was on point all nite long, his solo was tight and the show was completely UNREHEARSED!!! when thought announced that to the crowd, i couldnt believe my ears...anyway, from what i've seen on the concert review boards eric has only been getting better and better...apparently, thought has even deemed him 'Baby ?uest'...alright, so my question is if anyone knows anymore about this cat Eric? what other work has he done? anyone have any knowledge about him? also, anyone else who has seem him, dont y'all agree with me about this man's skills...peace y'all


25198, RE: Eric (aka 'Baby ?uest')
Posted by guest, Mon Apr-10-00 02:37 PM
I think this may be the same cat who played for The Jazzies when I saw them at Border's. If it is the cat's definitely got skills.

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25199, Yup, it's the same guy
Posted by Venus, Mon Apr-10-00 04:12 PM
I've seen him do 3 shows (1 with the Roots, 2 with the Jazzees) and this kid has mad skills. I don't know any of his stats though. I talked to him for a couple of minutes after the D' concert last week and he's a real cool cat. He was real cute and got all embarrassed when I asked him to take a picture with me.

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25200, RE: Eric (aka 'Baby ?uest')
Posted by LoveJonez, Thu Apr-13-00 04:44 AM
You are precisely on point about this brotha's skillz. I was peepin' him this past Sunday in G'boro, NC and he was outta this world. He hits the skins like he was born with a stick in his hand. He is definately following in the proper footsteps of the one and only ?uestwonder himself. The Roots are giving birth to our next drumming genius. Be on the lookout for this brotha,playas! He is going straight to the sun and beyond!