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Topic subjectRE: Bilal is aight
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24892, RE: Bilal is aight
Posted by guest, Mon Apr-24-00 05:14 AM
Got an audio file?
Willing to hear.
Soulpio till the world blow...

Favorite anti-gay quote:
"Look money, I don't have time to play the crying game with you..."
-My homie Tim after he discovered the girl he was hollering at in a club was a transvestite.

"I'm treatin' battles like my children, I'm never ufckin' losing them" -Pos Dnous circa 2000

"Rap is outta control...." -EPMD circa 1992

"Uphold your Righteous Name
Skip the fame and f*ck the games
Develop and maintain a sense of awareness without being careless...
A nappy-head warrior such as myself is fearless and ready to expose those
who walk around with their spiritual sides all closed..." -me circa 1995