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Topic subjectstill smutting...
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24890, still smutting...
Posted by guest, Mon Apr-24-00 03:11 AM
This is a public service announcement for the one okayplayer (no names needed) who cries in his signature about people biting his slang

Here's some slang for you...

Part my Lips and
Soulpio till the world blow...

Favorite anti-gay quote:
"Look money, I don't have time to play the crying game with you..."
-My homie Tim after he discovered the girl he was hollering at in a club was a transvestite.

"I'm treatin' battles like my children, I'm never ufckin' losing them" -Pos Dnous circa 2000

"Rap is outta control...." -EPMD circa 1992

"Uphold your Righteous Name
Skip the fame and f*ck the games
Develop and maintain a sense of awareness without being careless...
A nappy-head warrior such as myself is fearless and ready to expose those
who walk around with their spiritual sides all closed..." -me circa 1995