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Topic subjectbooger sound!
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24881, booger sound!
Posted by Vet, Thu Apr-20-00 10:33 AM
he has that booger sound! i don't remember what comedian said it but he described al green as having that "booger sound," and when i hear bilal i think of al green. so... booger sound! brother man can blow. now raina, u waited that long to start ya heart palpatating over this man. hmph mind started with the first note of the hook! makes me wish i could sing too! also goes to prove that dice and common are the exception to the beard rule! you gotta have a cold ass beard to be down.

Quotes begin here------

...stay centered as life twirls/most sell out like a dread with a white girl - common

(a black mother's reaction to why a white guy is dating her daughter)
"I think he's dating her for street credibility."

a wise man once said/an eye for an eye/leaves everybody blind/iíve always listened/but today iíve grown deaf/eye for an i/i/am preparing to go to war/but i canít see to find my sword - incogx

But what kind of genetically engineered cyborg are you to remember what you were doing at age 1?!? - Ornery

skidmarks. they're not just for underwear anymore. - crash bandicoot

'i feel you like, tomaz zamot ya know' - donwill

yardicus: hey don't laugh! I can rock the hell out a miniskirt and some "hooker heels..."

yardicus: Not to mention, my superb flynes when rocking a string of pearls...

just think/just think/ what if you could just/just blink your tag - Black Thought HOB 99

bAttlin me is like some KEDS tryna mess wit NEW BALANCES.. -Sporatic

dick hed mcs, wit dem flacid, phalic soundin subjects- one of those jail urine roach xylophone nukkas (jurx-donwill)