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Topic subjectRE: neb wait till you see the physical...n/m
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24868, RE: neb wait till you see the physical...n/m
Posted by cocoaprince, Fri Apr-14-00 07:59 AM
ok, i want to be a singer someday (how often have you heard that?!) and i listen to the greats of soul, you know. and today's music is really slacking, but i knew from the first time i heard him sing, i was like man, he's bad, and then when i saw his look and style, i felt that he is what is needed in r&b now: individuality. i mean that is why i cant front on the roots, lauryn hill, mos def, d'angelo, jazzyfatnastees, my dawg common, and yes, q-tip (his new video is hot; i think he wants to be on the okayplayer site! ha ha!), cause they are individuals in music.