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Topic subjectwhoooooooohaaaaaaaaaaa
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24866, whoooooooohaaaaaaaaaaa
Posted by bonamie, Fri Apr-14-00 07:57 AM
um, I just meant to say Bilal is a great singer. I am NOT saying he's fine, I am NOT saying he's sexy, all I'm saying is I'm not 19 (DAYUM!!!!). But uh, yeah....Bilal is a wonderful performer! :-) That's all there is to it.

"GG DA GG DA GGGGG DA...yo I'll tell u the rest when I see u"

"How u got high expectations, but got low patience?"

"Everybody's got opinions on the way you're living
But son they can't fill your shoes
Life is made of half illusion, 40% confusion
Whatever's left I'm using to keep myself from losing
You don't know what I've been through
Hell I might go through you
But it's all in my head"- Dre Benjamin

"May your life speak as loudly as your words"

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