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Topic subjectRE: Slummin' on Bilal...
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24863, RE: Slummin' on Bilal...
Posted by nebt_het, Fri Apr-14-00 03:42 AM
I am in love with Bilals Voice!!!
He is definetly going to make Philly proud:-)
I can not wait for his album to drop.......which will be soon!Whew!!

"It dont take a whole day to recognize sunshine" Common

"you know Lish...you look alot blacker tonight" McFeely to Nebt(at the irishpub)

Aint no stoppin us now!! (as sung by Thought Mos and Okayplayers)

" E El Isum Shil El Eloh El Rahmun, Alazi Izu El Rahummul!"