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Posted by m, Sat Apr-29-00 04:17 AM
>Ohio Players' Sweet Sticky Thang - (Complete Live at the Jazz Cafe)
>Al Green's "I'm So Glad You're Mine" - (Complete Live at the Jazz Cafe)

aw, come on man... hehe, surely you're going to share with meeeee ;) (tape or what not ;)

>What's Nesta listening to these days:
>Me'shell Ndegecello - Live at Luna Park, CA

not to be too anal, but it's NdegéOcello... actually it's Bashir Shakur, but that's probably not until she's free from Maverick.

i should have some more d'angelo within the next couple of days for ya:
Advance Promo CD of "Me And Those Dreamin' Eyes"
1-Def Squad Remix(Redman Intro) 4:51
2-Def Squad Remix(Erick Intro) 4:39
3-Def Squad Remix(No Rap) 4:37
4-Dreamy Remix 4:38
5-Two Way Street Mix 4:38
6-Just Tha Beat Mix 4:38
7-Def Squad Remix Instrumental 4:34
8-Two Way Street Instrumental 4:33
i think a few of these are already on my mp3 list, but i'll add the rest when i get it. (i sent out a money order on the 24th, so it shouldn't be long.)

meanwhile you can come and get the full album by lucy pearl from me :) i think the first review for their stunning debut is at http://www.molove.com/

take care Nesta,
m. @ http://www.users.uswest.net/~siempre/untitled.txt