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24618, D has covered
Posted by Nesta, Thu Apr-27-00 05:25 AM
EWF's Can't Hide Love (Live at the Jazz Cafe)
Ohio Players' Sweet Sticky Thang - (Complete Live at the Jazz Cafe)
Al Green's "I'm So Glad You're Mine" - (Complete Live at the Jazz Cafe)
Ohio Players' - "Heaven Must Be Like This" (Down in the Delta Soundtrack)
Tempations' "Girl You Need a Change of Heart" (Get on the Bus Sdtrk)
Prince's "She's Always in My Hair" (Scream 2 Sdtrk)
Cruisin - Brown Sugar
Feel Like Makin' Love (Voodoo)

I think that's it!

What's Nesta listening to these days:

Donny Hathaway - In Performance
Ghostface - Surpreme Clientele
Me'shell Ndegecello - Live at Luna Park, CA
Dead Prez - Let's Get Free!