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24617, RE: Songs D covered...
Posted by guest, Thu Apr-27-00 05:16 AM
I like 99 % of D's shyt. But some songs go straight to my core. The only four songs of that caliber he covered Monday were Dreamin Eyes', One More Gin' and of course Untitled and Chicken Grease.

I was waiting for "Alright", "Jones in My Bones", "The Root", "Spanish Joint", "Africa" but he didn't hit those but its all good. . .I thoroughly enjoyed every second. I wish he'd put out a CD of his a la carte shyt like "She Always In My Hair", "Heaven Must Be Like This" and ish that he's not released to the general public.

I have a feeling just being a fly on the wall at one of his and ?uest's recording sessions would be an experience unto itself.

He and the Soulaquarians are simply magnificent!