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Topic subjectThe Last Dragon Theory.....
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24499, The Last Dragon Theory.....
Posted by C_Jon, Sun Apr-30-00 09:05 AM
D is looking for the glow........
restoring r&b/soul music to its original status and defeating the pioneers of this musically-challenged generation(i.e.The chico's, the ginuwines,etc.)

And I think we shall make the battle a music battle instead of karate. So lets see.
The artist is Bruce lee
and D is totally amazed with him so he carries himself that way. and the rival gang should be some funky r&b artist who totally sucks and if one of those listed above doesn't want to do it then we will have somebody make a paradoy of them.

Now we need a girl. Somebody that rocks , Ledisi would be cool, but most of you guys have never heard of her. We need somebody to be Laura Charles.

And so basically this will be a musical battle, between d and all these other musically challenged cats.

That is another thought.........

"Who's the master....."