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Topic subjectRE: The illegitemate child theory
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24484, RE: The illegitemate child theory
Posted by m, Mon May-01-00 02:00 PM
>...this is how I think it should go. THe story
>plot is D comes back as Prince and Appollonia's love child...

someone's been watching too much daytime television... :o

>... So D gets caught up with Morris's daughter and they all
>try to make some kind of Ashford and simpson stuff.

oh god.
i can see cherokee as morris' daughter, but ashford and simpson? as morris would say... lawd.

>... Then Appolonia shows up and her and Vanity finally have it out.

you *have* been watching too much daytime televison. heh. :D

>... D hooks up with morris's daughter Prince and vanity get married and Appolonia...

good god. um, let me get this right. morris' daughter's name is prince? and vanity and apollonia get married? ;-)
"what"'s the password?

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