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Topic subjectThe illegitemate child theory
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24483, The illegitemate child theory
Posted by C_Jon, Sun Apr-30-00 08:55 AM
Granted that Appolonia was in Purple Rain and not Vanity this is how I think it should go. THe story plot is D comes back as Prince and Appollonia's love child. And And appolonia sends.... oh dang the age doesn't add up. Ok then we will say that Vanity comes back and she is going to say that the reason why she left Prince is because she was pregnant with their love child and that child is D right, but we will say that d is 18(hell if appolonia can be 25 years old playing a 19 year old I think d could pull this off) Now d comes back and of course they(prince and d) are not going to like each other. But he wants to do his music. ANd his father(the artist) is in a slump. He is stuck in a position were he is not playing to his potential.

Now that his (first love) Vanity is in the picture and his new son has returned The artist has now become inspired again, but before he realizes it he and d have a big battle which forces him to join with morris and the time. So D gets caught up with Morris's daughter and they all try to make some kind of Ashford and simpson stuff. And Morris is trying to appollonia 6 his way back to becoming The artist's enemy. Then Appolonia shows up and her and Vanity finally have it out. THen Prince and d finally get to a touching, dramam scene, then they do a song together, they check Morris and put him back into his place. D hooks up with morris's daughter Prince and vanity get married and Appolonia (well I haven't decided what happens to her yet). And then in the end they do this a reinvented version of Baby I'm a star. But this time the Revolution and the soultronics are mixed together. Oh that would so rock.

I know this story line sucks right. I was just trying to start some form of creation. I will post one of my better ideas later.

You guys do something........


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