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24481, RE: purple rain III
Posted by C_Jon, Thu Apr-27-00 08:57 PM
Just because I was born in 1980 doesn't mean I do not love prince. My only default is that I am not familiar with all of his stuff because I was to young to here some the stuff between purple rain and now. I mean don't get me wrong when I got the chance I checked it out. but we must remember my mother had to to be a good mother. She couldnot introduce me to all of his stuff. I mean goodness she almost got beat down by my grandmother for taking me and my Aunt to go to the movies and see Purple rain.
I ain't mad at you. I just think you should cut me a little slack. But don't worry now that I am old enough to by my own stuff, i will be adding a lot of Prince and(related artist)stuff.

By the way how old are you?