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Topic subjectThanxs man
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24461, Thanxs man
Posted by C_Jon, Wed Apr-26-00 10:29 AM

>how could you not? Prince
>played the role of 'The
>Kid' again, they talked about
>how Billy (the club owner)
>left the clubs to Morris
>and The Kid...
>The blonde haired girl was
>no longer blonde.. she's the
>one in bed with Prince
>at the beginning of the

YOu are so right. I think at the time I did not pick up on that stuff. Now I have to go and watch it again. That shows you which movie was my favorite. And improv was right that was not the best follow up to Purple Rain, I mean it was good. But not the best follow up.

>err.. you mean Under the Cherry

Thank you. I have had that problem since I was little, except my mom would be the one to correct me when I said the title wrong. I guess old bad habits never die.

I just say
>we get D & ?uest
>to remake that movie.. I'm
>sure they both know their
>lines by heart... if not,
Under the cherry moon. I could see that happening too. It would rock!!!!!

>I can take their parts

Me too. I have to have at least three cool speaking lines.
> lol.

>Under The Cherry Moon wasn't supposed
>to be a sequel to
>Purple Rain.

I know that man. It has no connection what so ever. I mean love affair with a betrothed woman, get killed for it in the end. I cry everytime I see that part.
>>Here is another: What was the
>>age that Appollonia wrote down
>>for herself on the card
>> that she handed the
>>bonde chick in the club
most people do not know that. And Appollonia did not look 19 in that film (or maybe granted that she is old enough to be my mother I had a hard time viewing her that way)

and the blonde chick's name

>is Jill Jones...

learn something new everyday. I always wondered what her name was. She stood out so much to me.

who released
>a dope and very underappreciated
>album on Paisley Park in
>1987.... those who know will
>understand when i scream "Violet
i must check that out!!!

Thanks man for correcting me on the parts that I did not know about. Lets see I think we need another trivia question:

I need something hard: Hmmmm........
I got it...
What is the password that Morris and Jerome decide on for Appollonia when she enters the club ?(lol)